Describe D as a carnival ride

As we talked about faces of diabetes in another discussion I started thinking of ways to describe my life with diabetes. I have said it is like a univited house guest that won’t leave. Or a gang living next door with D as the leader and the complications as followers. The gang takes shots at me through the wall and tries to hurt me when I don’t keep it happy.

But last night I started thinking of another way to describe it. A carnival/fair/amusement park ride fits pretty well for me. So I am interested if anyone else feels like D is a carival ride and how so. I would share which I think it is but I want to see where this goes without corrupting your opinions.

Have fun with it. I hope this is a fun exercise in gaining insight to how we feel about D.

The Zipper–lotsof factors–not always the same , always more than one at a time–and you can’t escape it (caged in)

X2 over at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

"X² is a unique prototype design in which the seats can rotate forward or backward 360 degrees in a controlled spin. This is achieved by having four rails on the track: two of these are running rails while the other two are for spin control. The two rails that control the spin of the seats (the “X Rails”) move up and down relative to the track and spin the seats using a rack and pinion gear mechanism.

X²’s lift-hill climbs 175 feet (53 m) into the sky with the ride’s tallest point above ground at 190 feet (58 m). The first drop is 215 feet (65.5 m) and is sloped at 88.5 degrees, causing the train to reach a maximum speed of 76 mph (122 km/h). The 3,610-foot (1100 m) long layout features two inversions including a skydive, two “raven turns”, one back flip, and a twisting front flip."

And that’s about as close to Type 1 as it gets!

Those are great! I hope everyone is getting the idea. My thoughts were a little more basic. I am not sure of the name of the ride, but you have a “steering” wheel in the center of the cart so you can control the spin. But there are up and downs you can’t control and you never know when it is going to stop.
Bumper cars also came into mind bump but I haven’t refined that description as it relates yet.

Thats true and it can be a little scary, even if you have gone through it before. Sometimes I just wish we could turn on the lights and take the mystery out of it.

besides a rollar coaster of blood sugars and emotions…
I would say the stupid bumper cars.
You know the kinda that doesn’t seem to move where you want it to move
or you get attacked on all sides when your trying to get away from everybody
or you get the stupid bumper car that doesn’t work and has a mind of its own’
basically you feel stuck and helpless turning the wheel
sometimes you get to hit other cars and sometimes your stuck getting hit
explains it for me

Sad, but true…LOL I am now thinking of the American Funniest Video of this ride. One person is always screaming while the other laughs and enjoys themselves.

I always get in the broken one and don’t know it until the ride starts. About normal I guess. Great post!

Usually hear it referred to as a “roller-coaster,” but I think it is also kind of a “wild-mouse.”

Sometimes they have the bungee jump at amusements parks. I’ve never been brave enough to try it myself so I just stand and watch! When you’re standing on the platform that would be like when your blood sugar levels are normal and you feel fine. Then you jump and you’re falling and get to the bottom like an extreme low blood sugar. You just feel sick and everything seems off! Sometimes you make the mistake to over treat the low and then go high just like on the way up from your bungee ride. Either way you still feel kinda sick and disoriented! Then you just bounce around awhile hanging there until you finally get to a stop which would be your blood sugar that finally gets back to normal where you finally feel more stable!

maybe we could compare to the if you give a mouse a cookie…
in other wise it’s like you do one thing good for a diabetes and then there’s always more steps to do, for example
if you treat your low with a cookie, you have to check your sugar in 15 minutes to see if it goes up, if it’s still not up consume more carbs… if it’s close to meal time go ahead and eat your meal… then you check your sugar, then you take your medicine, on and on and on and on. Never ends.

LOL - I’ve always described my life as a diabetic as a roller coaster ride. You go upppppppp - waaayyyyyy up - and then you go doooooooowwwwwwnnnnn (the best part as you pick up speed) - and then you go upside down in the loop (lose a few marbles from your brain). Whooooo!!! I have never been to Six Flags park - for those of you have been - I am so jealous!!!

Danny - that ride looks like a hoot! I think you maybe can do a 360??? Where is this I wonder?

The ferris wheel. You gotta look at the big picture, like when you’re at the top. When you get down to the ground all you see is the dirt and trash and litter on the carnival grounds. That’s what the daily db grind is all about. But when you get to the top, you can see miles in each direction and take in the beauty of the panorama - the whole of life. We take care of our diabetes to live well, and that involves a continuous cycle of necessary behaviors plus the reward for doing them.

I love those. The bungee jump with hi and lows I wonder if it is that way when a person comes to the end of life, or maybe I’ll have a better caretaker than I am. Mouse with a cookie, I like this one because a lot of the time I do feel like I am fixing the last fix, always one fix away from right. Roller coaster was my first thought in this because of the ups and downs. And the ferris wheel I like this one because of the big picture when you are in good control and the dirt and trash when you are having problems and still a circle with no end.

These are great, I can’t wait to hear more!

For me it would be the tilt-a-whirl …ups, downs, spinning around… I hate that ride . I remember as a kid
screaming frantically to be let off! There are days I can go along with the ride but then I have days where I just want to scream to be let off…

It’s more like the bucking bronco at the cowboy bar.



I hope you aren’t the one thowing up when you get off. I used to like the tilt-a-whirl when I was a kid but can’t do it anymore.

Terry-I hope you get the full ride. Not the bucking part, but that you don’t fall off before it is over. I would rather have a quiet trail ride anyday. That is one I hadn’t thought of. LOL