Desparate and need help

Hi i’m hoping someone has some leads for me.
I’m type 1 on synthroid and my body took a divebomb about 4 weeks ago. I am barely making it through a half day of work and am completely exhausted.

My endocrinologist said this to me last week “your labwork looks good and you look healthy. i dont know what else to do for you”.

Judging by my symptoms and after a lot of research, i’m pretty sure this all has to do with thryoid and adrenal fatigue.

I’m looking for a new endo- preferably one who is willing to listen to me, treat me like an individual, be an advocate, and be at least open to letting me continue with natural/holistic treatments etc.

I’m in touch with a naturopathic dr. in CA and ive had to take that route because conventional medicine doesnt help me like i need it. honestly it saved my life. I need an endo who is open to that type of thing.

I am willing to travel and if you have any suggestions PLEASE let me know.


I kept meaning to get back to you on that! It’s been a crazy month. :slight_smile: Well, the diabetes group I see (Florida Hospital Endocrine group - doesn’t work in naturopathic medicine…and I honestly don’t know if they’re open to it as I have never asked. But I can say that they’ve been wonderful with me. They’ve worked with me concerning budgetary concerns, so I don’t see why they wouldn’t be willing to work with the naturopathic aspect.

Like I’ve mentioned to you before, I see Dr. Banda and he has been wonderful. My A1c is the lowest it has been since I left my pediatric endo! I would suggest giving the office a call (on Monday - I think they’re closed on Fridays now) and talking with the reception desk. Let them know what you’re looking for and they might be able to suggest a doctor within the group who would best fit with you. :slight_smile:

Hi Heather
I know I feel wreaked - when my blood sugars go High + then Low a few times in the same day -ie the “rollercoster” - or if I have a Stressful day / week !! . When I dont get enough sleep, if I eat a bit more to eat than i should, if I’m stationary after eating or have endured a few days of " bad " blood sugar levels + the mental menace this imparts on me! - maybe none of these things might be relevant to you - but I do find these things all make me feel exhausted + when they are not part of my day that I feel a bit more myself! - it is tricky though to get it all right !! - wishing you + us all -Energy ! - Plenty of Sleep! - Low Carb days ! Stress Free Days! + a nice Consistently Stable Blood Sugar ! + Happy Days !

that’s what i forgot to take my synthroid this week… i’m always tired anyway though

Maybe it is the Synthroid ???

Yeah, I’ve pretty much tired all the time since I started taking synthroid, which has been about 7 years. Though, actually, I think that’s because I give myself too much insulin and spend the majority of my days low.

Wish I could offer you advice Heather, don’t know anything about these meds. Good luck and you do look exceptionally healthy.

Sorry to hear about this Heather…

My mother has hypothyroidism (but not diabetes). Her thyroid function improved dramatically when she switched from Synthroid to Armour, which is supposedly more natural, less expensive, and sometimes hard to get doctors to write a prescription for it!

Do you know what your TSH and other thyroid blood test results were? Often doctors accept levels of thyroid function that are not good enough…

I’m facing something similar with my endo now.

the lack of taking it could be something… don’t know my dosage is so small

hey kristin- yeah i just had TONS of bloodwork done including thyroid and everything lookds within range.

i started a new endo jan 2009 because my last one quit bringing my records into my appts with him…not cool. i had convinced my last endo to get me on armour- i got more energy and dropped that last bit of fat % that ive been working off (i have stellar diet and work out 5 days a week)

so i had to get rid of my last endo and now my new on put me back on synthroid but at a higher dose. during my appt with him last week he wouldnt change my thryoid meds and looked at me like i was an idiot when i mentioned adrenal testing. he basically said i was a pain in the butt. not cool.

i never in my life thought the american healthcare system would hinder me from getting better

my vit D and B are in range also

Your experience sounds a lot like my mom’s. Don’t give up. Might be best to find another doctor who prescribes Armour. My mom called from endo to endo and asked if the doctor prescribed Armour before she requested an appointment.

Almost all women in my family have hypothyroidism. They all have had bad experiences with Synthroid and good ones with Armour.

I would ask for your actual TSH levels because it could be that your endo is undertreating.

Sending energy your way!! Sorry that you have to deal with this :frowning:

hey lauren thanks for hte contact info i’ll call monday.

unfortunetely the trend so far with endos is they are much more willing to work with my money than think outside of the box of how they normally treat patients. you’d be REALLY suprised the reactions i get when i try to explain myself to them. we’ll see…of course i dont expect them to do anything that would put them at risk for medical malpractice.

thanks for hte info

My endo likes my TSH to be in the low 1 range and I just take Synthroid. My wife takes approx 75% Synthroid and 25% Armour, which also is known to make your scalp itch. The only symptoms I have is in my blood work unlike my wife who is not D but has hashimoto’s and has dealt with the extreme exhaustion. A combo of both drugs can be a very effective way to treat thyroid issues.

It is very, very hard to find a good endocrinologist. It took me about 13 of the 14 years I’ve been a Type 1 to get a team that really knows how to treat Type 1, does so aggressively, and most of all takes the time to get my individual care right. If you were here in SoCal I’d hook you up!

Right. I kept running into that too. Actually, before this group I was dealing with one in the Metro-West area (I won’t mention names, though) that was pushing me toward the pump. I was interested at that point, but couldn’t afford it. Yet every time I went in I had to talk to their pump coordinator. I didn’t even see the actual endo! Needless to say, I didn’t last with them very long.

That experience is why I like the group I’m with now – when I came into them I was still in that same financial boat. Instead of pushing the pump or pump payment plan on me we came up with an MDI method that worked really well and kept my financial issues in mind. It was the first time in like…seven years that someone was willing to work with me on a non-pump oriented solution. :slight_smile:

Are your b-12 levels in range?I had an undiagnosed b12 deficiency 7-years ago which made me exhausted, nearly a complete cripple from nerve damamge, and almost wrecked my emotional and mental state… I was treated with IV b-12 . I recovered. I now use Benfotiamine and sub-lingul b-12 drops daily. The benfotiamine is a , a b-vitamin and folic acid deriviative, that has been used in Europe for years as a energy increaser, protector from and treatment for neuropathies( diabetic or otherwise) that can be purchased on line. Hope you feel better.

Did the endo do any bloodwork and check your T3 and T4 levels? You need to have bloodwork done. Sounds to me like you need an increase in dosage of Synthroid. The low energy, etc. They can analyze the labs.

Are you in Cali?

I think I’m located near you–would you mind letting me know your endo’s name? If you’re more comfortable sending it privately, email me at