Desperately Seeking Info... Diabetes & Presciribed Steroids

Is it common practice for a Physician to warn a patient about the probability of Diabetes occuring w/ longterm Steroid intake? Shouldn't it be?

Any one have experience with this? I am experiencing an emergent situation in my family due to this scenario, & it seems to me that given the Family History & the high dose of Steroids prescribed over a long period of time. that this should have been mentioned upon release from the hospital. Now my father is scheduled for a lung biopsy tomorrow am and today they JUST discovered his A1c @ 9.6 w/ a BG of 500. His high dose steroids, to treat another emergent health issue all together, has been in affect for 2 1/2 months. I am frustrated. Any advise or similar stories?

Yes they will wack out anyone’s BS. Diabetic or not.

Steroids are widely known to spike Blood sugars. I, having joint issues, have had several rounds of cortisone injections. Each time the doctor tells me my sugars will go through the roof (and my CDE and endo advise a plan to increase insulin to make up for that.) You are correct in that they should’ve mentioned this at the hospital! Unfortunately many times at hospitals I’ve run into misinformation or a lack thereof! It’s super frustrating. Sorry you are dealing with this!

I could not agree more, it should absolutely be mentioned. I was put on Prednisone years ago for high liver enzymes and I believe that it tipped me over the edge into Type 2 diabetes (and was never warned about it, but I eventually figured it out). I’ve always had a sensitivity to sugars and was previously diagnosed with “pre-diabetes” and then after being on the Prednisone for a week or two one day I was feeling funny and a diabetic friend suggested I check my blood sugar. I was at 180. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t have become T2 if I hadn’t take Prednisone, but I do think that being on it for 4 months tipped me over the edge. Good luck.