Hello! Does anyone know how long prednisone will affect blood sugar? I was on a 5 day course of 30 mg a day for bronchitis and stopped it 5 days ago but am running at significantly higher sugars than I am used to. How long does blood sugar stay elevated after prednisone use is stopped? I’m trying not to panic but I’m getting scared!

(I am currently controlling it with diet and exercise but have not been able to exercise too well due to a broken ankle 1.5 years ago.)


I think everyone’s probably different, but steroids are definitely going to keep you elevated for days, possibly weeks. Here are some other discussions on steroids


We all react differently. I am type 2,well controlled. I keenalog injection in my shoulder only elevation was that evening. Next day returned to normal. Nancy

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As others have said, it really depends on the individual. Rest assured, it will. You just have to ride it out. I had a similar situation that doubled my insulin requirements for several weeks. Never again. Steroids are the devil’s drug in my opinion.

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Thank you all for your replies. I will try not to panic! :grin:

I am a prednisone induced diabetic. A doctor put me on 80 mg doses to treat one of my immune system diseases. After that my pancreas stopped working. My glucose ran up to 300 and I started having to urinate all the time.

Stopped using predinisone and started using Humira. This was great for several years until I developed actinimycosis (a bacteria that acts like a fungus) growing in my right lung. They had to remove part of my lung.

Don’t know why my immune system does not like me. Besides, I am an old man. None of this applies to you.

Oh dear…now I’m really panicking!

I’m sorry if I scared you, LisaTai60. My left foot like yours is broken ( the tip of my tibia ). My diabetes is well controlled. I take Uceris, a steroid that is time released, so it does not affect my glucose levels.

I am happily married. I am about to retire with health insurance. And I am trying to help people. It is better than it probably sounded. Hope this helps.

Oh thank you Robert. I’m just on edge a bit as I never experienced this before and I’m really determined to battle this with diet and exercise…for now. Sorry to hear about your broken foot. I went flying off of 2 little steps rushing in a hurry and wound up with a trimallelor fracture and now I have plates, screws and a wire in there! It’s always something isn’t it!

There are some great sitting exercise routines available. And steroids Bad. Always…

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Thank you Judith. I can walk now for 30 min with mild pain and can do my elliptical so this is good but I got out of the habit when I was recovering. Yes never again with steroids! I’m just hoping my sugars return to pre-prednisone levels soon. Tomorrow night makes one week off that evil drug. I’m trying to keep myself calm and all the support here is helping :slight_smile:

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Lisa, can I ask how your blood sugars have been now that some more time has passed? I have a herniated disc and started prednisone today - a 6-day course. Just wondering what I should expect for my blood sugar after I wean off.

Hi…well it went down a little and now I’m averaging 150-160 but it can jump a bit but 150-160 seems to me my norm. I was doing more exercise and got it down to about 140 but with my bad ankle, I had to stop so its back to the 150-160…sigh. I am starting Metformin tomorrow due to an A1c of 7.0 last week which I know can be a lot worse…but I’m terrified of side effects!!!

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