Desperately seeking POSITIVE knee replacement diabetics

I know it's silly, but I've been nursing two bone on bone knees for 15 years, After this winter in South Dakota, and the ice and snow, I've rather decided to replace one in Jan 2015. And the other after I've rehabbed,. But my problem is that the people who WANT to talk about it, are ones who have had BAD experiences or don't have diabetes, I need people who have had POSITIVE experiences AND are diabetics, I am scared to death of rehabbing, and the surgery with my diabetes. I am a well controlled diabetic on sliding scale humalog, janumet and amaryl, I've lost 100 lbs now, and exercise 5 days a week, plus pt, Physically, I should be ready. BUT mentally and emotionally, I need the help of those who have had this done, or have had surgery being diabetic. Please help,

It is worth waiting until it is absolutely necessary--definitely. But only you can decide that. Mine on one knee was 3/1/12....

In advance: Be sure your insurance covers good follow-up Physical Therapy. If you don't have good insurance, there are still ways of finding that kind of support. You just need to dig. Mine ran short and I regret that to this day. Be prepared to join a gym for at least a few months--or buy a piece of some kind of workout equipment--treadmill or whatever. There are usually plenty of ads for used ones that are barely used! I went to a gym for 3 months after PT expired (I was a professional dancer for 40 years--didn't know what the inside of a trendy modern gym looked like!). When I could do my 2-mile walks again and it was a gorgeous fall, I quit the noisy, stinky, loud gym!

I still work with my ankle weights and resistance bands to keep that leg as strong as possible. I've never thrown out the PT exercise sheets they give you before surgery. Getting moving post-op as fast as possible is essential. But you NEED your physical therapists to tell you what is good pain and what is bad pain---otherwise it is too scary....Bone on bone as you are now---that is Bad pain!

Search around here for general advice on hospital stays and The D--it can vary wildly, so search locally for diabetic insights, too. It's not always a pretty sight, but this will help you prepare in advance. My Doc and pre-surgery nurses were great, but post-op in the hospital, not so good.

I'm a T2 not on meds yet after 7 years. They really didn't get that. Plus I have fibromyalgia and a significant characteristic of that is that it MIMICS hypoglycemia with the "shakeys" and cognitive difficulties, etc. So when I hit a BG reading of 69 (NOT low for me), they shot me full of insulin when all I needed was some cheese (for the protein). They often still use an outdated sliding scale, so you need to factor that in.

I did find a couple helpful reference books. I've got to get to bed now, but I will look them up and check in tomorrow evening. One was like a memoir/diary and very helpful emotionally and otherwise. The other was helpful in a more technical way, but a lot of it was aimed at athletes, which I am not anymore!

Thinking of you. Stay in touch!....Blessings, Judith in Portland

My best friend is T2 and had both knees done at the same time three years ago. She did just fine. Her BG ran higher than normal just after the surgery but they kept an eye on it and it came down gradually without insulin. She has been on metformin for many years. She did not have any complications and she’s currently addicted to her Fitbit, competing with friends for the most steps per day (pain free!) and often winning!

Well, the decision and discussion is moot now. I will not have adequate insurance to have any knee done. Now the question is what is a viable alternative to not being able to continue to walk bone-on-bone? A scooter --- self pay. A wheel chair --- self pay. Double canes --- self pay. If I get to have medical care at all, plus prescriptions, plus PT, and mental health care, I will be happy. I am frustrated and depressed about the knees, after all this time, and a decision was made to have to go back to square one about what to do is infuriating, This has NOTHING to do with managed care (Obama care) it has to do with SSI/Social Security and the ineptness of the people who work in the offices in my town (Aberdeen, SD) Disgusting!