Have to hang up my shoes!

I went to my GP because knee pain and swelling . He sent me to a Ortho Surgeon . The surgeon said I need a knee replacement . I asked him when would I be able to run again ? His response was never ,"time to hang up the running shoes."
I had little problem with having surgery but when he told me I would never run again was hard . It was like part of me died . It felt like a spear was thrust into the heart of my soul . Running has always be a big part of my life .Running isn't something I do ;it's part of who I am .
I started in High school running cross country . It set me apart ,something to make me special . I would run before a big test or to get nerve to ask a girl out . When I found out I was LADA I coped with it by running that day . Running has been an important part of keeping my glucose level under control . As hard as it is being diabetic ,this is so much hard . Running even be a big part of my diabetes coping .I've ran to help raise money for JDA and raise money for diabetic camp for children . I don't know how to handle this ....

So sorry Joe. Truly I am sorry for your loss. No trite advice here, but I do know, from my own losses that you will need to reach deep inside to find your own answers. Just like the rest of this stuff, it's all up to you.

Ive know people with knee replacements who have returned to running, with the understanding the the replacements may wear out sooner, necessitating annother replacement. I’ve never been a runner, but I have been able to resume hiking and skiing.

I hear your pain. My thing was dancing that has been interrupted many times by children. My children are almost independent snow now I found out that I have degenerative osteoarthritis. I do a hip-hop type Zumba to regulate my blood glucose. I can do this well, but the pain does not respond to Aleve and is so bad that it is crippling me.I finally found a way of dancing and was being such a good diabetic...I am so upset. They won't let me dance with a hip replacement, so what is the point? The commercials show people so happy hiking through woods.

You are so right my friend . It's nice to be able to come here and to share our hurts and disappointments . It's nice to have this group and to be able to bare your soul .

I am also an old "hoofer" as well. And we do adapt .Never the lease we still feel the pain of things .

Hi Joe: I started running when I was on the track and field team in high school, when I was 13. I ran for 30 years, and loved it. Absolutely loved it. In my 20s, I injured my left Achilles tendon when backpacking in Patagonia. In my 40s, that caught up with me, and I had such shooting pain in my Achilles tendon that I had to give up running, which did cure the pain. It was devastating to give it up. But I have found ways to continue to exercise vigorously, so that I get the same effect as running. Hiking long distances is a good option.

I am terribly sorry for what you are going through. Exercise keeps us sane, especially when we have to cope with Type 1 diabetes. I ran A LOT when I was first diagnosed, just to cope.

Everyone is so kind but it means so much more that you understand what I'm feeling .Running was a way of life for us. I too ran a lot when I was first Dx LADA .
Thank you for sharing your story.

Joe, why don't you take up cycling? Not quite like running I know, but it would still get you out there... once you build up the strength in your knee again and the muscle tone you should be okay for that... just take it easy and do it little by little. xx