Device Communications

My son uses a Medtronic CGM and pump and a Onetouch Ultralink. I'm interested in knowing if anyone knows about efforts to make these devices communicate more efficiently with, say, a smartphone.

Is there any system out there that uses Bluetooth or another wireless platform to link CGM, pump, and glucometer in real-time to a database accessible to the user and his/her doctor via mobile device?

Or is anyone aware of efforts to make this happen?

I don't think they are planning that for the current or next generation of gizmo. The CareLink setup seems to be their go to thing however it seems to be limited to the "occasional" use rather than streaming for real-time. I haven't run into doctors who want real-time data that much anyway. They want a pile of data delivered to their office to discuss every 3-6-12 months.

True...real-time may not be so important for MD interactions. But it seems like it would be nice, and possibly useful to have some sort of uplink to a mobile device, and I'm not sure why it couldn't be real-time. A mobile app could make a really nice interface for working with your CGM, pump, and glucometer. A kind of command central. 3G could perhaps be useful for parents monitoring kids in school; bluetooth or wireless network would be good for monitoring in-home at night.

Being able to tie everything together with a smart phone would be great. I believe the main stumbling block for getting it done is the FDA since all devices used to treat D must be approved by them. I have heard their main concern is making it secure. I guess they have our best interest at heart but sometimes they can be hinderance.

I think you're right there...