Official Carelink App For Android

I use a Minimed 670G Pump & Guardian 3 CGM, and upload my data to the CareLink site for my doctor and to view the reports. I’m sure this is not an uncommon scenario. I would like to be able to view the reports on my Android phone (Surface Duo to be specific) using an official app from Medtronic (as opposed to viewing the website on my phone). On the following site:

They list an app called CARELINK MOBILE APP, unfortunately, this is only available for iOS. I have also seen CareLink apps that seem to be related to heart conditions, but my condition is Diabetes, not cardiac-related. All I really want is to be able to view (or maybe generate) reports from CareLink on my phone using an OFFICIAL app made by Medtronic/CareLink. I do not even need to be able to upload or connect to my pump or CGM using the app, just view the CareLink data. Anybody have any info?

Maybe this?? But not for 670??

That sounds like it is intended more for people that need notifications when another person’s number goes out of range, such as a caretaker or parent. But also, like you said, it does not work with the 670G. I think it is an app that is not really intended for patients, but more for caretakers or parents that need alerted.

How about this…

An easier and more discreet solution to help manage diabetes . With the MiniMed™ Mobile app , you will be able to display key insulin pump and CGM data right on your smartphone .

That’s great for working with & viewing immediate information (although I prefer using the actual pump for that, since I need to have that with me anyway), but I am talking about looking at analysis of larger & longer time periods, as well as graphs of more data (like the ones on CareLink). I want to be able to view this data on my phone so I can look at it in places like the waiting room for the doctor (especially ones other than my endocrinologist, since they won’t be uploading the pump during the appointment).

I am an IOS user, but i do not believe this exits for the 670g. You might try exporting the data to tidepool but that is a manual export and to my knowledge must be done using a computer.


Yeah, the problem isn’t being able to get the data onto my device (and being a techie I’m sure I could find other ways as well), so knowing how to export it isn’t a problem, it is being able to synchronize with CareLink to see the graphs, etc. I could, of course, print out the graphs & other reports, but that pretty much defeats the point of having it on my phone anyway (you can print out an email, but that would defeat the purpose of having it on your phone, this is the same kind of thing).

I made an account on this site just to reply to you.

Years ago Medtronic made a bluetooth dongle to allow the 670g radio transmissions to be rebroadcast as bluetooth for compatability with android devices (MMT-7000 and MMT-7018 are the two I have in my device history). Here’s a guide for reference on how it would have worked.

Unfortunately this device seems to have been discontinued and any reference to it hard to find on the Medtronic sites.