Dex Reports

I find the dexcom reports so overwhelming with the tremendous amount of info on them ! While they are great to look at, Im trying to figure out which ones are the best ones to look at for patterns for changes . . How do you go about looking at the reports, which ones, and decipher changes . . .

Is there a general rule of thumb as to when you know its basal problem or an insulin to carb ratio adjustment needed ?

Thanks in advance.

I use the Modal reports, starting them at midnight each day, and they help me adjust my basal, allowing for that rise each morning (dawn something). I only know, you must master the Basal before starting adjustments on Correction or Carb ratios.
good luck.

My CDE likes the Modal Day report run for seven days to identify trends. Based on that, she adjusted my carb ratio for dinner time (5:00PM - 10:00PM).

For a longer time frame, I like the Success Report (sometime it’s actually the Failure Report). I like the Average Glucose Values graph which lets me see the average for this quarter versus the average for last quarter by hour. I also like the Improvement Statistics table, especially when I get smiley faces.

It’s really hard to figure out the trends. When I am high for multiple days during a time period, my CDE looks at my food log to see if I was eating something that would cause it. If I am eating the right foods in the right quantities, that’s when she changes my carb ratio. She and my endo tend to change my night basal. It tends to be more straight forward because the food variable is not present. They also look to see if I exercised the night before because its effect carries through the night for me. I am now setting a negative temporary basal for the overnight when I have exercised to lower the chance of hypoglycemia.

Good Luck,