Dexcom 5 - Insulin Pump Basal Rates

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I’m starting on the CGM and was searching for an article/paper that assists in setting the insulin pump basal rates based on the CGM data.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


Tom G, Sr.

Usually your Endo would assist you with setting insulin rates if you are new to insulin therapy.

It might be helpful for you to give a blurb about your diagnosis and how you take your insulin ?

I do think the cgm is great for adjusting and tweaking basal and bolus once you are on insulin but I do NOT think it is likely the best approach for coming up with initial ratios and rates.


Hi Tim:

Thanks for the speedy reply…

A bit on my situation. I’ve been on a pump for many years and wanted to fine-tune the existing basal data.

I’ve done it previously with fasting and finger sticks. More of a fine-tuning exercise and confirmation of existing data.

I’m sure that articles on the subject are out there, just haven’t been able to put my finger on them.

Thanks again

Yes. That totally makes sense.

I would suggest to start with this book. It covers cgm and pump which sound like the interaction you are interested in.


When you get your dexcom, you can upload the data to analyze for trends, time in range, etc. I use that to see patterns, and if changes are needed.

You may want to check out sugar surfing. I think you will find cgms may change the way you manage your insulin.


I refer to Walsh’s Pumping Insulin as the Pumper’s Bible. It’s awesome. AAMOF, i recently bought the latest addition as it covers newer items than the edition I bought in 1996.

Yes, Pumping Insulin by Walsh IS the pumper’s Bible! I need to buy the latest edition because the old one I have makes little mention of CGMs.

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Thanks Tim35:

It looks like a fine addition to the T1 library. I plan on ordering a copy.

All The Best

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Thanks MM1:

I plan to explore the suggested website.

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