Any suggestions on how to go about fine tuning

my pumps basal rate well as my carb to insulin ratio?

Can you tell as a little more about your situation? Do you use a continuous glucose monitor (CGM)? What process did you use to determine your current basal rates and insulin to carb ratios? Have you read any of the books that talk about this, like Think Like a Pancreas by Scheiner or Pumping Insulin by Walsh?

Do you experience blood sugar challenges at certain times of the day? What have you done so far and what were the results? More info will help us give you better help.

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Terry beat me to it. I was going to give the best advice I can offer: Read Pumping Insulin…several times over.

Get 2 weeks of complete data. Run tests. If the dosage is successful more times than not, then you might already be finely tuned. Start by tuning the basal, then do carb to insulin ratio.

You’ll never get them as precise as you want, because these ratios are just approximations and are affected by a million variables you can’t always account for, including absorption at the infusion site, stress level, activity level, the rate food digests at, what type of carbs you are eating, how much you are eating generally, your diet, etc. etc. The best thing to do is use carb/basal rates as a starting point, and then using a CGM/Libre make adjustments in real time when you are going high or low.

Yes, I use the Dexcom G6 with the Tslim x2 though I was on the omnipod dash however I had problems with insulin leaking around the cannula so switched to the x2.
As for my current one I have been using my best guess of 0.75 uhr for the day and from 12 till 6 am its set for 0.60 uhr and that seems to work ok usually.
I did use a slightly lower one with the omnipod but this higher setting seems to work a bit better for some reason.
Carb ratio is set at 1 unit for 10 carb and correction factor is currently at 1 unit for 25mg.
Thank you for the book suggestion though as I will check it out as I am always looking to improve my A1C as it was 6.3 last month and 6.4 three months before that :slight_smile:

as others mentioned, get your basal(s) nailed down before finishing off the final tweaks to your bolus parameters. that means you must skip one meal each day that you are going to do basal testing (you test for the part of the day that comes about an hour or so before, and after the skipped meal–right up to the time when you are going to eat the next meal, meaning you will be bolusing again. each day, choose a different mealtime to skip, for the basal testing

Thank you :slight_smile: