Dexcom Accuracy not as good as it used to be

don't know if its just me. Been using Dexcom for years always on the dot. Seems recently Its been way off for me. not as accurate. off by 50+. wondering if its a quality issue or just me. anyone else notice their readings ? I have received new supplies last month.

Been on the G4 for almost a year now, and I've never had it be near as accuarate as the 13% MARD they claim. In reality, it's about 30-40% off. I can only hope that the next version improves significantly.

I've been talking to Dexcom and they have been great. I've tried 2 different meters, but the same model since it's the remote-control meter that comes with my Animas Ping insulin pump. I can't really use any other meter since I need the remote bolus feature.
I do love it becuase 80% of the time, it's pretty accurate, but 20% of the time, it's just WAAAAY off. As with everything, it shoudl get better and better over time.

My most recent batch of sensors from Dexcom received 1/30/14 has for me been more accurate - and more long lived than previous batches. So far I've only used 2 of the 12 sensors. The first was on for 26 days and was consistently within 10-15% of my Freestyle Lite meter readings. The current sensor is on day 21 and will be restarted later this afternoon. I am wearing the sensor on the back of my arm.
I am not looking for the G4 to exactly match my glucometer since it is sampling a different substance than my meter. I do want to see trends and these it shows really well.

Yikes that's a little disheartening since I should be getting one of these in the next week or two for the first time.

Austin--even though it's inaccurate for me at times, the times that it is accurate and shows me patterns so I can better judge when to meter test is great. In other words, I am not even considering the thought of discontinuing its use if that makes any sense. I guess all I'm saying is that I expected only small variations from my meter like 20% or less each and everytome, and about 20% of the time, it's off by way more than that, but I still think it's a highly useful tool and beats walking around for the bulk of the day and night not having a clue where glucose levels might be at.