Here's weird one: Accurate, inaccurate, accurate again

This sensor has been different than all the others. Who knows why (not from a freshly opened box or anything), but it has behaved paradoxically compared to the usual behavior.

When I first put it on, it was scary accurate for the first week. Right away. It always takes 48-72 hours to "settle" in the scary accuracy. This time, right from the get-go.

Did my usual thing and restarted it after it expired at 7 days (I typically get 10-20 days out of a sensor). It seemed fine, but then about day 10 it started showing those "I'm done" signs -- reading too low when I'm high, too high when I'm low, basically the accurate measurement range narrowing. That was last friday.

Got lazy, didn't bother changing it this past weekend. Was "failing" all through. Was in a hurry this morning, so didn't take care of it then either.

And then... today it got scary accurate again. My usual within +/-5 of my meter. At high values (165 this morning when I got up) and low values (caught me heading hypo after I juiced it a bit too much to get that 165 down). I've been testing and calibrating about 2x as much since this started going south last week.

So, I'll ride it out. Maybe I'll get a few more days out of this sensor.

Anyone else have anything like this happen?

Yes, this happened to me twice. The most recent time was this week.

My sensor started out very inaccurate (saying I was low about 8x in the night when I wasn't). Though this was very annoying, I assumed it would get better because the Dexcom Tech Support person said it could take up to 24 hours for the sensor to become accurate.

Now it is mostly accurate, but it is much slower to react to changes in my glucose than my other sensors have been. And each morning when I wake up, it is reading my glucose as much higher than my monitor is. I have been calibrating at different times of the day, so that's not the cause. I find this very stressful to live with, but I don't want to replace the sensor early; I pay out-of-pocket, 100%.

(BTW, the sensor is on my arm. It's the only site I use for sensors.)