Dexcom and Alcohol

I'm finding that when I have a couple of glasses of wine the Sensor and Meter readings start to diverge more. They can be nearly spot on then after a drink they start to diverge with Dex lagging the meter more than usual for me. Do others also notice this?

i love wine. however, only 1 drink is possible to maintain insulin /BG balance. Once i drink 2 glasses, the liver seems to shut off and BG stays really low. The dex also goes into a freak mode at this time. Many hours later, its catch up for BGs and they always go very high. I find the dex does not do well with any extremes in BG.
Hope this helps.

Hi Annabella - can't say I have, but will be on the look out for this tonight and report back after 1-2 glasses. :)

Don't forget that Alcohol metabolized into sugar between 6 to 8 hours afterwards.

Are you taking insulin for the wine? I find that alcohol makes a steep, immediate increase in BG and then a steep drop, hours later. Any steep increase in BG is going to cause sensor lag. When I see my sensor lag, I feel pretty sure that my BG is increasing or decreasing rapidly. Its a good indicator.