Dexcom and android app with medicare

Just browsed and found this has been discussed

How would they know if you use the APP

Note: With the initial Medicare coverage ruling, there is a requirement that patients only use the Dexcom G5 Receiver to view their glucose data and not a smart phone or other device. We realize that many patients want to use their smart phone to view their glucose data and we are continuing to work with CMS regarding this decision. For now, exclusive use of the G5 receiver is the requirement for Medicare reimbursement. Dexcom has no ability to override this decision, therefore, we must advise our customers not to use the app with the Medicare product. If a patient feels it is critical to have the ability to use the app, a non-Medicare reimbursed Dexcom system is available for purchase with a prescription.

@Tony24 any information from the app will upload to the Dexcom servers so it will show in Clarity, etc. If Medicare wanted, they would just have Dexcom run a report… XDrip(+) is a safer bet.


Seems like they all go into a room and find ways to make life more difficult


The reasoning isn’t quite as insane as it looks–it’s about how Durable Medical Equipment is defined in the law. Software isn’t a physical object, and they certainly don’t cover smartphones. This combines with the principle that, if they’re paying for an expensive piece of equipment, they want to make sure you’re actually using it, otherwise it’s a waste of money. CPAP machines are monitored under Medicare for that reason.

My feeling is that you should at least be able to use the app and the receiver. If you have the receiver and are using it, it shouldn’t matter if you’re also connected to your phone via the app. I personally use both anyway, because of dropouts. It’s rare that both lose connectivity at the same time.