Dexcom phone app Medicare

I was interested. Searched Google Play for the G5 app. Only got follow and clarity. I’m just curious.
Can the ability to download be controlled by age? Medicare is secondary insurance.

Tried several times; always the same results.

I’m not following you. “age” of what? You can’t use anything but receiver if on Medicare or risk losing your coverage. Medicare is medicare is medicare. YOUR age is irrelevant.

Age of ME.

I believe the Dexcom Android app is released for only specific models of phones. I assume Google Play is enforcing that restriction.


Before I got my G5,I downloaded the app onto S7, but couldn’t do anything without the G5, of course. I deleted it prior to firing up my first sensor, so as not to run afoul of Medicare rules.

No, I looked at the app on this phone prior to obtaining the G5. It was there.

Trying to be good for Medicare but I’d like to use the app occasionally.

That’s my BIG question. How can big brother track your use of the phone app? Can they block access?

I wonder if use os a 3rd-party app (like xDrip) would contain the same level of risk – would it be able to be detected (assuming it’s not uploading to Share, for example)?

Dexcom knows if you are using the phone app because it is constantly updating the data on the Clarity servers. The receiver only uploads when you hook it up.

But I seriously doubt anyone cares if you take it upon yourself to use the app. My private insurance “requires” the receiver only, but…

Doesn’t it frighten anyone that government agencies can do this?

I get it. Medicare does not want a cell phone to become a durable medical item . And, as I said, I was just curious. Would like to wear girlie clothes…leggings, skirts…all the things that have no pockets. Only so many medical devices can be stuffed in a bra.

Guess it’s a moot point, but it bothers me that my government can do this.


Dexcom isn’t a government agency. Medicare (just like my insurance did) can say “we only allow the receiver” but they have no real way to enforce it. It has been over 2 years for me. I don’t even know where my receiver is.

It is a liability issue. The phone connection isn’t 100% reliable, and the government (and other insurance companies) are “looking out for your well-being.” :stuck_out_tongue:


My main takeaway is that I’m glad as h*ll that Medicare decided to cover the G5. The rest is not that important, given the importance of getting coverage for the G5! I get it all for free, because I have United Healthcare through AARP. Free strips,free G5, free MM supplies…gotta love “free”.


@T1Forever, just my 2 cents but if you use XDrip, then Dexcom/Medicare has ZERO way to determine if you use the app (Xdrip) unless it uploads to Dexcom’s servers. Secondly, many Android phones that are capable of running the G5 app are locked out from downloading it by Google Play. This is based on Dexcom’s decision since they have not tested/approved the app for your phone/model. That said, there is a link on FUD that lets the G5 app work on almost every single Android Phone running Android 6 and higher.
Modified Dexcom G5 app download

Government is not tracking anyone. Dexcom is. When you turn on the telephone application Dexcom knows it and they also know if you used medicare to purchase it. You get a warning, followed (if you continue) by an unwillingness to sell you a device using Medicare.

Remember, Dexcom knows the status of each transmitter used by the telephone application. Using the phone app is not allowed by Medicare and Dexcom will wisely not allow it to be abused lest they might lose the right to sell them to medicare recipients. It is rumored that a special transmitter is in the works to be sold to medicare recipients with has the telephone application disabled.

It is a ridiculous issue.


I would agree that CMS/Medicare is not tracking.
Certainly a blanket statement that there is No Such Agency which tracks people would be wishful thinking.


I think just rumor. It would be easier to simply make a minor change on the Dexcom servers to effect the block. Dexcom has some really smart people. If they wanted to do this then it already would have been done.

Dexcom CEO has publicly stated his intention to work with Medicare for a proper resolution to the issue.

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Well yes someone from the Government is tracking me, I have no idea abut you but this damn thing around my ankle gives me the sense I am being tracked, even though my brother says I am really just holding on to it until he gets to Costa Rica. Oh well he says he can send me some nice tea when he gets there .

Winning !!!


Just be careful with your deception Rick or you may end up with an ankle bracelet of your very own. LOL

If Medicare gives in on the “use only the Dexcom G5 receiver” deal, I’d still not use my phone, but I’d use a smartwatch IF it didn’t have to pair with a phone to use the Dexcom app.

oh wait, maybe I wouldn’t. I NEED the loud alarms the receiver has.

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Just use xDrip instead, it sounds sketchy but I assume you it’s a much better app and Dexcom can’t track you with it. It has all of the features I wished the real Dexcom app had and more! My phone will work with both apps, I have no government restriction since I self fund, and I choose to use xDrip because it’s superior.

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