Dexcom and exercise

sorry for asking something that i think was asked before but i am looking for some suggestions. I have had diabetes for over 50 yrs and I now try to do a combination walk and run ( jog ) regularly. Each time I jog the dexcom stops working and it shows question marks in the screen of the receiver for about 5 mins after running and all during the exercise. This seems to me to be terrible because that is when you need it the most. I know there are lots of runners and even marathoners out there using the dexcom and I am wondering if you had the same experience and how you conquered the problem. I previously was using a Navigator and never had a single problem.

Where are you wearing your sensor? I use a treadmill but don’t go that fast because of neuropathy but have never had a problem. My thought would be that if you have your sensor on a body part that gets jarred when you are running, then it would cuase the ??? that you are seeing.

I do a lot of running. I’ll get ??? occasionally, but I think it’s like Kelly says, it seems to depend on placement.

ditto to Kelly and FHS - I do a ton of training (bike, run, etc; triathlons) and have rarely seen the ???. For me my best spot is on my rear around the side as my swim shorts will cover the site and not allow it to peel off due to my swimming. I’m pretty lean but I can find some good spots on the side below the waistline and still get my receiver to pick it up. Hope that helps.

I’ve found that making sure the receiver and the sensor are on the same side of the body helps eliminate some of the ???. I try to wear my sensor on my lower back because my receiver is usually clipped to my waistbelt.

i agree with all the comments below…the placement of the “electrode” that is inside you can move around a little, but i run, swim and play soccer alot and have no problem…but i have noticed sometimes if i have my phone and listening to music through the bluetooth of the phone, i have noticed that because the frequency of the Dexcom transmitter is similar to a bluetooth…i have to place my phone on the other side of the transmitter…another time i see the ??? is because the readings for me are dropping so rapidly, the Dexcom software does not know how to handle this sometimes, so it doing its thinking and trying to figure out which number to put down at the 5min mark and it doesnt know because the sugar is dropping more rapidly, then the software was anticipating…this could also be a reason why the ???..i didnt write the software so i am not sure if this is correct, just my opinion

I know this doesn’t specifically help your situation but I regularly run 30-60 minutes with my Dexcom and have never had the ??? while running. I did get the ??? once after a 5K race after taking a shower. Many people here have suspected that the ??? is related to moisture around the sensor but that’s always seemed strange to me since it’s supposed to be waterproof and I never to anything special when showering. I did buy a waterproof bag for the receiver so that I can shower off at the gym without getting out of range post exercise. I’ve even used it in the swimming pool.

I agree with others that sensor movement while exercising is a likely culprit

thanks – it seems to me its related to the movement of the sensor or its vibration from running and I thought there might be a way to better position it but will see. Right now it is on my abdomen and I think as I run it just vibrates too much. I’ll have to develop those 6 pack abs!! thanks again.

I've run some 5k's with the Dex and have never had a problem. In your case, if the receiver is too far from the sensor (doesn't sound like it was) then you won't get a ??? you will get the no signal indicator.

To the OP, my guess is consistent with some of the comments above...your sensor is moving around during the run. Hopefully you can sort this out.

thanks everyone--sensor is on abdomen; it isnt consistent-- this past weekend did a lengthy walk/run with the problem-- this mornnng there was no problem and this morning I am using a sensor into its 3rd week. If I find a solution I will let everyone know


Hi everyone,
I actually have this problem all the time. Pretty much every time I run or work out I either have ??? or the out of range symbol. It is so frustrating for me because it is the most critical time to have information about your glucose level. I have tried working with Dexcom on the issue, but we haven't found a solution yet. I am doing a half marathon at the end of May and I don't see any reason to even bother carrying the Dexcom because it's worthless to me. I have been on it for about 9 months (switched from the Minimed CGM) and I am completely disappointed in it. I am getting close to quitting using the Dexcom altogether.