Runners - where do you wear your Dexcom?

I’ve recently begun running and I feel that I need to find a better place to put my Dexcom - I am ruling out my arms because I want to do weight training, and I’m not entirely sure where on my thigh would be the most benign place to avoid interference with my running. I use my abdomen exclusively for my pump and don’t want to start adding the Dex to that place.

If you’re referring to the transmitter, I always put it on my abdomen on the opposite side of my pump infusion set. The reason I’m not worried about running out of space or creating a lot of scars on my abdomen is that I rotate infusion sets between Quicksets and Silhouettes. The Silhouettes go in my flanks and free up my abdomen. But, frankly, I’ve never tried citing my Dexcom transmitter anywhere else.

If you’re referring to the receiver (I know. You’re not.) Nothing beats the Spibelt for carrying diabetic gizmos on a run. It’s light weight and doesn’t flop around. ( Get the double pouch.

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John , you are probably aware …I am not a runner, but a walker ( a full M could take me as long as 6 1/2 hours ) …I put my CGMS at times on my leg( s) , top part , slighty to the outer side indeed away from my infusion set . As long as your shorts do not rub against the tape ,if you use tape , you should be fine . What I had not expected , when I tried for the full marathon in Disney World, Jan . 2008 , is the 100 percent humidity , 80 degree weather , that I should have worn shorter shorts , or taped the CGMS down better …the transmitter came out , while sitting on the loo at one of the parks . Another little tidbit about that event : I made it to 22 miles …and decided not to go for full M’s again …another story .
One foot at the time !

I’m finding it really hard wearing my cgm on my stomach while running/exercising. Lately, I’ve been wearing it on my arm. I weight train too and it does interfere while doing such things as chin-ups and lat raises, but its much easier than having it on my core. Crunches are a real pain when a cgm is in the way! Plus, I sweat a bunch while running and I’m finding it next to impossible to keep the cgm from getting itchy when its on my core.

I would be interested to hear others opinions…

I usually wear my Dexcom sensor on the upper part of one of my butt cheeks, just below the belt line; I run/cycle/swim alot

After trying a couple of places, I found that my outer thigh area is the least bothersome. Thanks for all the replies.