Dexcom and Sport

Hi All,

First post here, nice to see such positive vibes for the Dex. :slight_smile:

Whilst my BGs are pretty stable I’m still considering buying a Seven+. I do a lot of cycling/running (and soon to swim too) and although I’ve got my carb intake reasonably well sorted there is no real ‘generic’ formula for how hard I’m going to work and how much to take on board.

I’d like to use the Dex to see my trends but am not sure whether it will be helpful due to the possibility of rapidly changing BG’s. Will a sharp drop/rise register too late or should I get what I want?

Being in the UK means that I have to pay OOP for the Dex and it’s supplies, no trial is available either, so I want to be as sure as I can that it will work before laying down the equivalent of $2k. :slight_smile:

Does anybody here have a similar lifestyle? Does the Dex work for you?

Hi Dan,

While the BG values you see will be lagging behind your actual BG, the trends are pretty reliable. You’ll probably find you need to act fast when you see that single or double down arrow. And remember there will be a lag in the Dex’s reflection of your rising BG. There is a definite learning curve, but with Dexcom’s support and what you can learn here, I think you will be able to make it work for you.

Thanks for the information, I’m not massively concerned with the accuracy, just want to make sure that the data I get is meaningful, I want to test out different foods etc to see which work best for me.

I’ve spoken to the UK supplier and it looks like I may be able to get a 14 day money back purchase, so hopefully that will give me enough time to see what the Dex tells me.

That’s the thing - in the UK we don’t have insurance, so the equipment is either fully covered or not at all. My pump and supplies cost me nothing, but the Dex and supplies will cost me the full amount. If I can get the data I need, it will be worth the cost.

I’ve used a Dexcom for three years. I’m using the Seven Plus now. I use the Dex to help manage complex insulin and carb demands during endurance cycling. This would be for rides of 3 to eight or more hours. I typically do not carry anything but the Dex for glucose testing. I find it quite reliable. While my insurance pays for most of the cost, I would pay for the entire expense if needed - because I rely on it so much.

Joe, thanks for the comments - exactly what I’m looking for. :slight_smile: