Cost for new 7+ transmitter

Does anybody know the price of 7+ transmitter for Dexcom. It is not listed on thier website. I am hoping they still have them available and not forcing you to upgrade

why would you choose then 7 over the new one? I found it to be unrelaible at best. The G4 is amazngly accurate. Just curious.

because i have a lot of sensors for the 7+. I personally have had Dexcom's for 6years now and the 7+, in my opinion, has been dead nuts on 90% of the time..i will get out of the swimming pool, without the Dex reciever no where near me and when it starts recieiving signal, i check and compare with my glucometer and it is always within 5%

Nevermind. you can’t get Dexcom7 stuff anymore at all. Yes, it costs just short of $1200 out of pocket. I don’t know yet if it works well or not. I will be sponge bathing for the next couple of days to see if my sensor fails again. I think it is cool otherwise!

This is soo very true!

thanks for sharing. Funny how we all have such different experiences with these gadgets. Guess its like our T1...all need to find what works best for self. Good luck!