Dexcom bruising?

I’d like to know if anyone else has had this unusual happening. I’ve been using a Dexcom G6 system for ten months, and love it. Until my last sensor, all went very well. A couple days ago, I removed an old sensor and replaced it with a new one.
Normally when I remove an old sensor, I can barely tell where it was. This time, there was yellowish-brown bruising, in the shape and exactly where the adhesive pad had been. In addition, there were some threads of blue where it appeared I may have had some bleeding just under the skin. It didn’t involve any pain (though tonight it got a bit itchy). It’s fading, but slowly. The sensor worked fine throughout its 10-day period.
Anyone ever see anything like this? I’m on Xarelto, a blood thinner, due to a mild case of AFib, but I can’t see why that should suddenly cause this, nor how a tiny lead could lead to a bruise that big. Weird stuff!

–Keith Johnson

You hit a vein that’s all. It happens from time to time.

Yes and it is not unusual. See pic of my last bruise, taken 3-4 days after the sensor was removed I think, it was much worse when removed, that sensor failed three days in.

I also get severe inflammations, severe itching, pain and have bruises and scars all over me.