Dexcom bruising?

I’d like to know if anyone else has had this unusual happening. I’ve been using a Dexcom G6 system for ten months, and love it. Until my last sensor, all went very well. A couple days ago, I removed an old sensor and replaced it with a new one.
Normally when I remove an old sensor, I can barely tell where it was. This time, there was yellowish-brown bruising, in the shape and exactly where the adhesive pad had been. In addition, there were some threads of blue where it appeared I may have had some bleeding just under the skin. It didn’t involve any pain (though tonight it got a bit itchy). It’s fading, but slowly. The sensor worked fine throughout its 10-day period.
Anyone ever see anything like this? I’m on Xarelto, a blood thinner, due to a mild case of AFib, but I can’t see why that should suddenly cause this, nor how a tiny lead could lead to a bruise that big. Weird stuff!

–Keith Johnson

You hit a vein that’s all. It happens from time to time.

Yes and it is not unusual. See pic of my last bruise, taken 3-4 days after the sensor was removed I think, it was much worse when removed, that sensor failed three days in.

I also get severe inflammations, severe itching, pain and have bruises and scars all over me.

I am on Pradaxa and am experiencing the same thing recently. I am concerned as no matter what anyone else says. Mines following a pattern where the adhesive is and the insertion area

Looks like you have a bruise and an allergy to adhesive.

To prevent bruising you can try a couple of things.

First. When you put in a new sensor, stick the tape and pull away from your body to pull your skin up before hitting the button. This will make it less likely you will hit a vein.

Also the abdomen has more veins than most places esp near the belly button. So think about different sites like the back of your upper arm, which is my favorite.

Thirdly since you might have an allergy you can spray Flonase on your skin before you insert the sensor. You can also trybarrier tape like iv3000 on your skin before putting in sensor and just poking through it so the sensor tape doesn’t touch your skin. Of course make sure you aren’t allergic to the tape.

For what it’s worth. I have never had anything but a pinpoint that healed quickly for either dex or pump insertions until my. last dex and after I switched to Tandem pump. I did not hit a blood vessel with my dex but did have redness that has lasted 6 days now. a Db educator on the phone suggested that after I apply the iv prep, which is my preference over alcohol, that I then spray it with OTC flonase nasal spray. She said it has just enough steroid in it to probably help with any tape or other allergies I may be having. Mine isn’t tape but I’m just throwing this out there in case anyone wants to try it. She said it helped other dbs in the practice. I’m not a dr and I don’t play one on TV. I think my dex redness was caused by using a alcohol swab instead of iv prep because I was in a hurry and it was handy. It was itchy and not nice looking but is getting better. And no wire left in tissue I am sure.

Oh, sorry. I just now see that Timothy recommended Flonase before me. I am glad to see that that is known more widely than I thought. It is late and I was too sleepy to read details before popping in…

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