First sensor failure

Ive had Dex almost a month and have changed the sensor due to skin reactions to the adhesives I use to keep Dex on. Had it nicely and painlessly inserted to my tummy twice. Decided to try the thigh because I want more real estate options. Hurt alot more to insert it and it failed after ten minutes. Did it fail because I inserted it into my thigh?

Also, I then tried my tummy again, closer to my side and it was the worst insertion I've had. Enough to not want to insert ever again.

Which is a shame because Dex has changed my life. I have an eating disorder that I have struggled with all my life and the Dex has changed the way I eat because of it's constant feedback. No amount of therapy has ever done that!

Also, I switched to Kinesiology tape and that is working so far, not itching around the tape. It was never under the adhesives, but surrounding it

Linny, one thing that has worked for me when it comes to reactions to adhesive is that my doc prescribed an asthma inhaler for me which contains a steroid. I spray that on the area where the tape will be, let it dry well and then insert either my dexcom sensor or my infusion set. It's made a big difference in how my skin reacts (or more accurately, doesn't react). Good luck.

Sounds good, I’ll ask about that!

I have had the occasional dex hurt like a "b,,," a couple of times in the past year and half but the overall majority have been virtually painless. The same has been true for my insulin - every once in a while a bad one happens. I say keep on trying and if it keeps happening asking ask dex to arrange for you to meet with a nurse to go over the best way to insert and maybe give you some tricks

You can call Dex and tell them that your sensor failed within minutes on inserting it and they will send you another sensor at no cost.
I had one i inserted in my arm and the collar locked up and i coudln't move it. I called them and told them and they overnighted me a new sensor

Yeah, they are sending me one, should get here tomorrow

Linny, my only place is my upper tummy mostly painless on very insert. Have tried others but to thin for those locations. I love my Dexcom and it's feedback as others have said if you need help Decom has rep's. I had one that worked with from the start and helped me through the bumps. You'll get it, keep trying. Stick with the stomach if that is the site best for you.

I have used it almost exclusively on my inner thigh. I wear an Omnipod insulin pump and use that on my stomach. One thing is that I find using it on fatty tissue works best. If I get too close to a muscle it doesn't work and is painful for either dex or omni. Also I have had trouble several times with hitting small veins that cause severe bleeding when I remove them. Hope you can find a space that works for you as they sure are helpful.

Hey you all - I have fatty tissue to spare! Perhaps I'm just a real wimp when it comes to pain? I'll keep trying, I really don't want to give this miracle durable medical device up!

Talk to your doctor there are pain killers you apply about 1/2hour before injection to numb the area/ My girlfriend is a nurse an suggested I request a script. You are not a wimp you are getting accustomed to the process and it can be strange. Good luck.

Thank you, Bambi

EMLA cream is the prescription on, but have you checked out the sports freezing sprays. Think you can get those at your local CVS etc

Linny, the EMILA cream is correct the freezing spray could also work but I'm not sure of irritation. Cost on the cream is expensive without insurance although we have coverage just have not gotten the script have grinned and let out a few?????? words. Although seeing you remove the cream with a wipe I would assume you would do the same with the spray. I do not know which would save you money in the long run, do not be shy to call your doctors office and ask for the script, they want this to work for you. Have a great day.

One thing I have seen on the kids boards is that parents use an icecube on the intended insertion site. A few minits seems to be enough to trick the nerves so it does not hurt/hurt as much. Works for infusion site insertions as well.