Dexcom checker for pharmacy benefits

This year my insurance switched their PBM, and I learned new PBM (ExpressScripts) covers dexcom as pharmacy benefit. Service is better/more convenient, AND lower cost. I conveniently get my order in one day from Costco.

Following link is for dexcom site where you can check if your insurance covers as pharmacy.

In first portion, enter your zip code:

Find out which plans in your area include Dexcom G6.*

Search by ZIP code or NPI number.

The results will indicate pharmacy or medical (DME).


You should also check your plan documents. The checker says my plan is Pharmacy when my insurer says its still DME. Possibly some but not all of the plans listed for an insurer might be pharmacy.

Sorry, but what is the NPI number and where do I find that?

You can leave that blank. NPI is unique number doctors/pharmacies use for each product.

Great point.