Dexcom costs

Hi Folks -

I just got a bill for by 3 months of Dexcom supplies and it's looking strange. I have 3 amounts listed and they are all added up! Do you all get bill this much for 3 months of Seven Sensors?
List Price $460.00
Adjustment $180.00
Contract Price $280.00
Equalling $840.00

Why is there a contract price? What is it? Adjustment for what?
Thanks for TuDiabetes!

I'm guessing you have insurance. The "contracted price" is the price that has been agreed upon between your insurance company and Dexcom. So your insurance company will pay Dexcom $280 per box of sensors and not the list price of $460.00. So the $840.00 is what will be applied against your insurance deductibles and Co-pays to determine what you owe. You probably see the same thing on your statements you get from your doctor. The doctor will bill visits at $175 but your insurance has contracted with the doctor to only play $75.00

i looked at how much my pump would cost in america for 3 months and it looks similar. I feel very sorry for every diabetic without their NHS

Yes, God help us all once the government becomes even more involved in our health insurance. We see how well they have done with Medicare and Social Security which are both bankrupt programs.

Yes, that's what I understood the contract price to be - I just didn't understand why they added that price instead of subtracting it. Sometimes I just think this is much more of a money making enterprise than it should be. And do ever wonder what happens to the people who publish in the paper - Dr. So-and-so has discovered a cure for diabetes!!! More to come after FDA..blah, blah. Why do I picture in my head all those diabetic companies running after this guy and paying him off to stop his cure???? And then that brings along thoughts of cancer and.....Really, I TRY to be optimistic but reality often sets in.

I would agree on test strips. I have no clue why those are still being charged at 1.00 dollar per test strip. To be honest the test strip technology hasn't changed all that much in the past 15-20 years. I image they can make a test strip for a few cents. The remaining cost is in packaging and marketing (all those commercials). So I'm sure there is a 200-300% MARKUP on test strips. I imagine the true retail cost should be around .30 cents per test strip.

For Dexcom I can understand the expense, since the new technology is in its infancy. If you look at Dexcom as a company they are still losing money and have been since they went public. So at this point it isn't a money making enterprise its a money losing enterprise.

It doesn't add up to 840.00 though, the list price is 460.00 less the adjustment for what the insurance company has contracted to pay 180.00 giving a balance of 280.00.
460 + 180+ 280 = 920.00, not 840.00 p.s. I hate insurance companies