Dexcom raises prices on Sensors!

I just tried to place an order for sensors and found out that they raised the price from $240/box to $280! As if they weren’t already overpriced.

The sales person told me that the price increase was due to the fact that they now had an agreement with my insurance company. You would think that insurance companies what have a better rate than individuals because of the volume they are purchasing but it just an opportunity for Dexcom to make more $. This one of many things that is terribly wrong with our healthcare industry

The fact that my insurance company now covers the sensors really does me no good at all. By the time I’ve met my deductible and they actually start paying a % the year will be over… great so who really picks up the additional cost… you got it, you and me. This is total BS folks. I really cannot afford to pay more and may have to stop using my Dexcom. Not sure if it would do any good but is anyone interested in petitioning against this price increase?