Dexcom: Failed sensors and broken wires

I became aware of this post on CWD:

as a consequence of a comment made on Twitter:

Later, I learned that there’s more to it. Dexcom has received a Warning letter from the FDA about multiple incidents and held an investor call about the matter:

Has anyone around experienced broken Dexcom sensor wires inside their body?

I have been using the Dexcom 7+ CGM since August of last year and have not really paid attention to the sensor’s wire after removing it…and I usually rip off the sensor and it comes out painlessly. I have not noticed any soreness or anything irregular at the insertion sites and if I look away for a few minutes it is difficult for me to locate where exactly the insertion site was.

Wouldn’t you get some tenderness/swelling at the site if a piece of the wire broke off inside, and wouldn’t your body automatically extrude the foreign object on its own in a few days or so?

This just happened to my 17 year old son, yesterday. His wire is in his leg. It was painful yesterday, and we made an appointment to have the wire removed. Today it’s not hurting, so I’m wondering if we should just leave it in the leg. What are the risks of it migrating? It sounds like Dexcom needs to do something about this situation. I’m definitely going to pursue them for reimbursement of medical expenses, as I have a high deductible insurance plan.

If you know it’s still there, I would remove it. I can’t imagine the risk of a wire in fatty tissue would be too great other than a localized infection, but I’d take it out all the same.