Dexcom sensor wire

Hi all,

I put on a new sensor tonight, but after pressing the button, the machine wouldn’t detach from my body and the site, so I had to peel off the site with the machine still attached. There was blood running out of my skin, but no sensor wire, the wire isn’t on the sticky site adhesive and as far as I can tell it’s not in the device. I’m worried the wire is in my body!?!? Has anyone got any suggestions??

I’m going to call the nurse line to see if I should go in to the ER. Doesn’t seem urgent, but I don’t know how dangerous it is if the wire is still in me??

Usually the wire stays in the device until the needle is retracted. This happened to me once the same way. If you look into the hole you can likely locate the needle and the wire is probably in there.
The good news is that even if it is in you it won’t cause any issue really. You might be able to pull it out with tweezers.
That happened to me with an older model.
However I think it’s more likely to be in the insertion device

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I’ve seen a few reports of sensor wire breaking off and staying in skin. Some are able to pull out. Some are told it is ok to leave in and won’t be harmful, and some choose to have surgery to remove it.

You should call Dexcom technical support to get replacement, and they may ask for yours to be returned. They may give you additional advice on sensor wire removal.