Dexcom for a needy diabetic. We are in California

Hello friends, I’m not sure if this is considered soliciting. or if this is allowed. I’m looking for a kind hearted person who has extra G6 products who will accept donation of a fee. These items are expensive and an uninsured friend cannot afford them. Or do you know a place where they can be affordable paying cash. If this is not allowed here, I understand. This can be removed. Thank you all

While having a CGM is great, we used test strips for how long? since the early 1990’s? I keep reading frantic comments across the web from people who’s CGMs have gone wonky for a few MINUTES, or HOURS, as if their lives were in imminent peril. Back to fundamentals when that happens, folks. That’s another reason I think new diabetics shouldn’t be put on pumps too quickly. It’s like only having a calculator without knowing math fundamentals. What happens when the tech breaks?

But I hope your friend gets what he wants.

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You could try contacting this organization regarding donations of dexcom, and CR3 provides to those in need, I believe at reasonable costs.


I used Multi injections, (6) every day for many years. I used 7 test strips a day. Did have some lows due to tight control goals.

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I absolutely agree…I have a coworker who was on the Medtronic Cgm pump system, couldn’t afford the $5000 or $2500 deductible, has been planning on seeing his Dr next week for 3 years now, always has Gatorade or juice In his hands, and is always complaining about his feet…he has no idea what I’m talking about when I ask him His carb to insulin ratio, and eats dominoes often without ever taking insulin…

That’s pretty sad.

What state are you in?

Maine…we now have a dr./emergency room copay option, but still have a $2500 deductible… and they recently passed the jump through these hoops to keep your license and after my Dr. Sent all the paperwork in, I called to check and make sure they received it and I’m glad they did because they told me, OK its not suspended anymore…I’m using libre & miaomiao2 after I called Cigna and they told me my 1st Dexcom 90 day will only cost me $1688 and they can set me up with a payment plan, and they don’t need the money before they send it, etc, etc,etc

Watch that paperwork like a hawk. If you get pulled over with a suspension, its a court date and they might threaten you with jail time. Driving with a suspended license is a big deal. That paperwork tends to ‘get lost’ or not properly entered into the computer at DMV’s main office here.

Narrow escape, my friend. Whew!

What state are u in, @Alvin-S

Its helpful to know location in order to start looking for resources.

You can always pay cash - its called ‘paying out of pocket,’ but your friend will probably need a prescription. Yes, this stuff is very expensive.

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I’m in California

thank you


@mohe0001 It really depends what state you are in. In California you can get away with, no license, suspended license, no insurance etc with just a ticket a good deal of the time.

Yea, my local PD doesn’t even bother pulling me over anymore. I just have to be cautious in the city.

Looks like he’s in your territory, @Marie20. Any ideas for him? I’ll look around the interweb. I bet we find one of those community clinics, but they prob dont do medical devices.

Hi all. Pending further discussion among the mods, I’m locking this thread as being in potential violation of the rubric about exchange or sale of prescription items. Discussion of legitimate means for getting discounts and vouchers is fine, but there are elements here that cross the line, and this is something we need to be vigilant about as a legal matter.