If you need more than 150 strips per month

don’t be shy about having your doctor send the appropriate RX to Dexcom. (This is for all you Medicare patients who get your sensors, etc, direct from Dexcom). My wife got her monthly “order request” email today and in it, it had the new quantity that she had requested. Dexcom came through! :slight_smile:
In the past, both her and I had been getting our strips from Walgreens (in addition to the paltry allotment of 150 from Dexcom), but recently Walgreens couldn’t fill her RX and ultimately found out it was because Medicare held it up because she has a CGM. It took them a YEAR to make that determination. Talk about the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing–Medicare approved the CGM for both of us, a year ago. Whatever. LOL!

The Dexcom Fax number is something I can’t find right now. I lost the paper I wrote it on, when I dealt with this and googling hasn’t uncovered the number. You’ll have to call Dexcom to get the correct fax number.

This was one of my concerns when I started using a CGM. I wondered if insurance comps would stop allowing my 8-12 test strips a day because I really only “needed” 2 each day for calibration. And now with the G6 not needed any calibration, what might happen. I mean I still test before driving. Just can’t take the risk of losing my license and my thinking is always better safe than sorry when driving with diabetes.
But are we going to be heading down another huge battle to get the strips we need?!

It’s too soon to tell, but I had no problem getting more than the typical 150/month, simply by asking my doctor’s office for an RX for more than that. I would hope the same process of getting a doctor’s order for more than “usual” will still suffice when it comes to the G6. After all, they aren’t perfect and many people complain they get error messages, they fall off, they have to be calibrate, etc, etc. All those scenarios call for using strips.

Dexcom came through for sure: my monthly order is on it’s way with 300 strips.