Dexcom G4 vs Dexcom 7 Plus

So I got my G4 in the mail and was so excited I decided to do a little experiment. It makes me look like a walking robot but who cares :)

I put the G4 on my thigh (where it is contraindicated from the Dexcom team) and the 7Plus is on my belly on about day 4-5. Please note, I was getting what it seems to be inaccurate readings on and off when I first inserted the Seven Plus--always seems to be that way and then it becomes more accurate around the time about now (day 4-5).

First, that already shows the G4 is better because its showing accurate readings (very!) now and its day ONE on my THIGH! Very exciting.

Also, a couple times today I looked at the Seven Plus and noticed it said out of range for several reading times but I was never out of range. The G4 never once missed a reading :)

First photo: Same readings!

Second photo: Very very close to accurate. Note: My dexcom Seven Plus is in my belly and on day 4-5. I had JUST inserted the G4.

Last photo: notice the TREND. Missing readings on the Seven Plus. And its flow is a little less smooth.

So far: LOVE THE G4! Will update as I wear it for the weekend. Plan to take off the Seven Plus at the end of this weekend.

I've had the G4 for a few months now. Yesterday, I got my first ??? and of course, don't know why, but it resolved itself. For me, it's been very accurate, and I REALLY like that, especially for lows! I hope you enjoy yours just as much! :-)

My G4 goes on Thursday. I scheduled training with my CDE (100% coverd by insurance) for the last day of my last System 7 sensor. I'm going cold turkey. I am looking forward to more accurate results and fewer out of range messages. I just got one on the 7, and the receiver was in my pocket, two feet from the transmitter. Go figure.

I like your red G4; I picked the blue and my CDE ordered "girly pink" (her words).