Any tips for going from the Seven+ to the Dex4?

My new Dexcom 4 arrives in a few days. Ive had ther Seven+ for a few years. Any insider tips on switching to the Dexcom 4? Is it basically the same? I do hear that I can really stretch the sensor life. That's good news since I'm doing it out of pocket.

Enjoy your new G4 -- IMHO it's definitely better than the 7+. The switch-over was a piece of cake; maybe if you have an extra 7+ sensor, continue to wear the 7+ when you start the new one. After a day or two, I said the heck with the 7+ and have been using the G4 since.

One point: I haven't been able to stretch the sensor life beyond 2 weeks (it starts showing the "???" error around then), and others also have reported similar. (If anyone has solid advice on extending the sensor beyond 2 weeks, please share!)

William W. Quick, MD, FACP, FACE
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I have been able to consistently get MUCH longer days on the Dex4. The last two sensors I pulled simply because it fell off...after two seperate start ups. It was still working perfectly.

With the old system, I never got great readings using my arms...with this new one, I do. In fact, better then my stomach. I am recently trying my stomach again simply because I am wearing short sleeved shirts again due to warming weather. After getting stopped in the mall Wednesday night to explain to random people 'what is that on your arm," I decided I was not in the mood for more questions with the next sensor.

The first day is still a bit 'iffy'. My Endo and I both agree (he also uses the Dex4) that unlike the 7+ where you had to calibrate multiple times the first day to start getting it into range...with the G4, you just want to let it sit. It WILL come into range, and it seems to work better if you just ignore it the first day, and don't worry about over calibrating to get it 'with you' as quickly.

All in all, I love the G4! I hope you do, too.

Just - ENJOY! It's a remarkable upgrade!

same here.I am due for the G4 this week.

So I should just follow the Dex4's user manual in terms of callibration? In order to provide "adequate" (per Kaiser) records to justfy their coverage of my pump I was entering BG's and events (carbs, insulin doses and exercise) on my Seven+ as well as my pump and a handwritten (my other checkbook) log. I have to prove myself "worthy" Anyway, I should cutbaqck on the Seven+ entering of bg's?


I usually get 10-21 days. At 21 days, I have inserted a new sensor, even though some were still working, but less accurate. Only a few I ended prior to 21 days with ???.

With Seven+ I rarely used additional tape and never had to use Skin-tac. But with Gen4, I found I really need additional sticking power. So I use skin-tac and IV-3000. This keeps it very secure, and may help to get to 21 days. Many others have stated similar experience, although Dexcom claims the adhesive is the same as 7+. The slightly larger size/weight of the transmitter may be a factor ??

Yes, operationally, basically the same. Some new features on the receiver for the alarms, checking last calibration/insert time, etc, improved download/software.