Dexcom G4

Alright, I’m suspicious.
The past couple months my Dexcom has NOT been accurate. I’m talking like, 40-100 points off for at LEAST 4-5 days before it kicks in correctly. The sensor that I just changed was a 2-weeker and almost made me cry because it was so spot on with my meter just before I changed it. (I didn’t want to, but it was literally barely hanging on…)
I just got a new G4 transmitter and receiver and I noticed the problems happening right after I started them up.

Is it just the extra hormones and crap (23 weeks right now) that makes this mess up so much? I have never really gotten the perfect matching numbers that other people have on a consistent basis, so I don’t particularly think that’s the case, although all the hormones could be making it worse?

Is it the baby aspirin that I’m on every day? Don’t think that’s the case either, because as I mentioned, my last sensor worked well the second week, and horribly the first week. Unless the baby aspirin delays…something? Somehow? I have no idea.

Or is Dexcom trying to phase us G4 users out and force us to upgrade to the G6? I would not mind upgrading, honestly, even though based on my past experience, I highly doubt it would be as accurate for me, even with all the hype & hoopla. The auto-inserter looks pretty neato.

Orrrrrrr could it be a little bit of each of the above?
Orrrr am I sounding crazy here?? (I tell you, its the hormones!)

Could you be dehydrated? It’s getting hot this time of year and I know that I need several extra glasses of water a day and dehydration can mess up readings on sensors.


Eh, I really drink a LOT of water and I’m not out in the heat much. About 80-120 oz a day.

I’m hanging back with the G4 and don’t notice any unusual accuracy discrepancies. I took delivery of my last full G4+Share kit in January.

Perhaps you just happened onto an unstable site for you. Since I get about 14 days per sensor, I don’t mind bailing early on a site that produces wonky numbers. Good luck with your pregnancy!

Here’s an example.
I’ve been not super high, but just enough to be out of range & annoying most of the day. Last bolus was at 3 pm for a 164 bg, 2.65 units.

By 6 pm my bg was around 81 per my Dexcom, but I felt off, so when i tested, my bg was 48!

I sucked down a juicebox and had to take dinner out of the oven, then sat back down on the couch. A FEW MINUTES LATER dexcom buzzes & tells me i’m 55 and dropping. Apparently we skipped the 70 low alarm.

What the heck?? I’m just so frustrated.

This doesn’t really sound like an issue with your CGM to me but rather a very fast drop in BG that the Dexcom couldn’t keep up with. That is what would happen to me if I took a few units of humalog and waited a few hours (thank God I’m no longer on the stuff) but if this is unusual for you then I would recommend you talk to your Dr. because it sounds like it might be pregnancy hormone related.

Its probably a pod/site issue. Its almost like i was only absorbing a portion of the insulin i was taking until it suddenly absorbed all at once. I was low all. night. long.

Also keep in mind that the sensor is using the intersticial fluid to correlate with actual blood sugar readings. With this type of tracking blood sugar, there will always be a 10-15 minutes delay in the CGM blood sugar readings. Therefore, if you check your blood sugar with a glucometer now, your CGM reading will correlate with that reading 10-15 minutes later. That’s why the manual tells you to calibrate your CGM only when the readings are flatlining. Not when it’s going up or down.