Dexcom G5 for a 20 month old?

My son was diagnosed 4 weeks ago and he can have huge swings and the docs mentioned that a CGM might be useful for him. Our insurance said they would cover it when he turned 2. I noticed that the Dexcom is approved for anyone 2 yrs or older. Is it safe for a 20 month to use it?

Any advice from parents or someone that knows a child under the age of 2 using Dexcom

Hi, @T1DDad! Welcome to the exclusive club that no one wants membership in. I am also the father of a toddler (2 years old son) who was diagnosed this past February (he was diagnosed at 2 years, 2 months old), and I can tell you that the CGM is, without a doubt, the biggest thing I would recommend for you. For your sanity. For your sleep. Although I don’t know the exacts on what’s approved for what age group, I know that my 2 year old wears it just fine (although he hates the change outs and always screams and cries and breaks my heart every time I have to do it.) I just keep telling him, although I don’t believe he understands yet, that we are doing this because we love him and we want to have him around forever with us.

I will always be around if you ever need any help or questions answered. As was recommended to me when I first came here, I would get read up on Diabetes as much as you can. The first book that was recommended to me, and that I read, was Think Like a Pancreas. It’s a definite must-read for anyone who has, or cares for someone who has, diabetes.

Whenever you get to that point, I can certainly guide you to what works well for US, and there are plenty of other parents here of toddlers with Diabetes who are always standing by to help…even if that’s to just listen to venting (which I have done myself on occasion.)

My sincerest warm regards to you and your family and take solace in the knowledge that, with proper care and treatment, nothing about Diabetes is “terminal” (which was my biggest fear when my son was diagnosed.) With love, care and attention it’s treatable and your son can live a long, happy life, just like his peer who may not have diabetes. That’s the hope that I’m holding onto and I continue to push myself to learn every day so that I can make the right decisions for my son.



My son was just over 2 when he got his dexcom. I would say that it is probably dependent on the size and amount of fatty tissue available.

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My guess is it should be fine. They probably just haven’t tested it in younger kids because finding enough of them for a clinical trial is a pain.

Edited to Add: My son was 23 months old when diagnosed, but there was another girl diagnosed around the same time who was about 20 months in our area, and she got on a Dex soon after diagnosis. (Her dad was a doctor.)


My son was diagnosed at 23 months and started using a dexcom at about age 2.5. That was almost 10 years ago-- it was not approved for children at all until much more recently. it is a lifesaver. I agree it is probably only because they haven’t studied it in kids under 2 but I don’t see any reason not to use it. Our insurance paid even though it wasn’t approved in children, based on a note from the endocrinologist. So maybe the endo would write a note and you could get it earlier…

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i second that assumption of dexcom not being tested in kids under 2. It’s just too big of a hassle for the manufacturers. unfortunately there is not enough possible customers under 2 that it would be lucrative to test it for them too. Same for pregnant women actually.
Many parents have to use stuff for their kids off label, and usually those kids are fine.
I wish you all strength and stamina in the world, you have a long road ahead of you, but a walkable one. get help when you need it (even if you don’t desperately need it). Breaks are important! And ask people who have walked this road before you, they will give you the best advice available!

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