Dexcom G5 iphone and medicare

According to my doctor and Dexcom you may now use an iphone and the receiver if you are on medicare

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Who provided you this information from Dexcom. I have heard conflicting stories.

Dexcom Tech Support

I should have read your post before starting a new one. I published a blogpost today with the current, correct info. Although Medicare released a document indicating that the policy will be changed, the change is not yet effective. You may not use your smartphone until the final policies are released.

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So what you are saying is, they announced their INTENTION to change (officially update) the policy, to be effective when then say it is effective.

I called dex support on Friday. The answer there was,“you can use your phone as of the PREVIOUS Monday”. I asked for documention and he gave me this link:

That link has verbage that states it is already OK to use your smartphones.

Fast forward to yesterday. I called Dexcom Experience and was told NOT to use smartphones until further notification that it is OK to do so. The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. (Dexcom Experience can be reached at 844-857-6316)

I suppose that’s correct. Essentially they changed the policy but the change is not effective until the Medicare DME contractors release the new regulations. Supposedly that should be by June 21 if it is really true that the regulations have to be released within 10 days of the policy change. But I don’t really know about that and did not research it. So in essence you’re correct that it will be effective when CMS says it is effective. :grinning:


Well today is June 20, so this should all be moot pretty soon, eh? :slight_smile:

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