Medicare Dexcom users will now be able use their smartphones to receive data

This is a win for the entire diabetes community, and it couldn’t have been done without the thousands of patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals who contacted Congress and CMS to share their concerns about this safety issue.


Oh that is awesome sauce.

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Is there a date/timeframe for Medicare dexcom users to be able to use our mobile device?

The time frame has not yet been announced. The announcement says that the change will take place when the necessary documentation is adjusted and published.


Here is the link to the Dexcom press release on this subject, dated June 11, 2018:

Now, if the good folks at Tandem can get approval to use the t:Slim X2 to receive/display CGM data, many of us old timers will be smiling indeed!

A big thank you to Dexcom and all of the individuals who helped to effect this change!