Dexcom G6 and Apple Watch after Installing WatchOS10

Updated to watchOS 10 on my series 4 Apple Watch last night. I was surprised at how small the Dexcom font has become, to the point of almost being unreadable…

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Same here.

Did anyone find a fix for this? I’m having the same experience with microscopic font.

This has been occurring throughout the iOS beta process. Dexcom needs to update their app.

We´ve had issues with small Dexcom font in my country (outside US) for a long time. It happend several updates ago. I contacted Dexcom and they said it´s out of their hands and that I had to contact Apple directly.

Maybe this is what´s happening in the US too?

I made a thread about it this summer:
Apple Watch Face for Dexcom with large digits

Apple gives developers months and months of beta releases to test their apps. Dexcom for some reason has decided not to test their own app or provide support for a new phone OS version.

By default iOS is set to auto update, apps are set to auto update. So Dexcom expects their millions of users to know to turn off auto updates for apps/iOS because they can’t over several months test their own app.

I’m also seeing the tiny text issue with the Watch complication. Also the iOS phone app sometimes the entire display is up a few pixels making it very hard to hit the “Add” or “Cancel” buttons when adding events (insulin, carbs etc…). I have to kill the app and relaunch to get the UI back to normal alignment.

If you go to the iOS App Store and look at review they just copy paste the same thing for developer response. “Please call support” that is a totally useless response in reviews.

I got a message from tandem that iOS 17 was compatible with C-IQ and mobile bolusing. I did the update and lost complication on my watch which insisted I update to iOS 10. The complication on the watch face is ultra small font.

Also my smart scall that uses Fitdays app will not pair anymore. I set up a different account on my iPad (I don’t know what iOS) and the scale and iPad paired okay.

I wonder what other apps are failing.