Apple Watch Face for Dexcom with large digits

I´ve used Dexcom on my Apple Watch since summer of 2019. Back then I could choose a Watch Face that displayed my Dexcom readings like this:

These watch faces has since disappeared, and the only possibilities left are these:

Do we as a community have any sway over getting the earlier wath faces back?

If yes,- what is the best way to do it?

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I use the one on the top left. I don’t have the latest apple watch by any means, but I load all the updates and it hasn’t disappeared for me. It’s called Modular

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The Modular is changed. On the new Modular Dexcom is not an option for the space in the middle. I put date in the middle just to illustrate and chose Dexcom for the rest. It looks like this:


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Maybe something in the European market? Dexcom still at the center on my watch. Watch OS 9.5.1
Very annoying that they won’t let you put the complication in any position you want!

I agree, the options on Apple Watch are very limited.

I don’t like it either!

On a side note, it is a little funny that your username is Siri, and you are complaining about Apple.

Don’t you have some sway over at Apple? :joy:




Siri is my real name too so I should in fact be asked before Apple did changes to their watch faces. Just my humble opinion :blush:

Watch OS 9.5.1 here too, and an Apple Watch 6.


Is this the case for other people residing in the US too?

That would be helpful to know.

One thing that’s probably relevant to add, is that seeing the complication on the watch face doesn’t actually do me much good. I have to touch the complication and go to the Dexcom screen to get an up to date number. The advantage to having the complication large and in the middle is that it offers a large easy target for my finger.
Don’t know if this is the case with others, but the complication on the main screen doesn’t automatically update. You have to touch it to get the current number nearly all the time.
I have an older Apple Watch (generation 3 or 4, I think) that does not have an always on display.

It updates automatically on my watch gen 6.

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To answer myself. I just sent feedback to Apple. Not much more I can do.

If you want to do the same, this is where you contact Apple for feedback: Apple Feedback.

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Maybe you can point out that they aren’t the only option for this functionality, so maybe they need to up their game. Here’s a freeware clockface called “Glance” that runs on a Fitbit Versa 2 (~$120):

Screenshot 2023-08-28 at 10.15.44 AM