Dexcom g6 and Apple Watch series 6


My daughter was diagnosed last month with t1
Meanwhile we got her a dexcom 6 and its all going smoothly
However next week she will return to school I didnt wanna buy her a phone cause i dont like kids to be on phones so young
If i buy her a series 6 with cellular connection and an my brother will give me one of his iphones she’s supposed to be able to use the watch leaving the phone at home (my brother does that) do you think the readings of the dexcom would still show on the watch as well i could then use the "share "option in the g6 app on the phone to be able to follow her and i could leave the phone hidden at home :wink: this way she would “only” walk around with a smartwatch Any help/answer would really be helpful

I don’t think you can do that. The dexcom will send a signal to the phone, the phone talks to the watch.
There are somethings that you don’t need to have the phone for, but this is not one of them.

What you can do is set up the phone to be nothing but a receiver.
If you set up screen time you can turn off the phone call feature, turn off the camera, and texting. You can turn off any ot all apps.
Taht way she can only use the phone to call 911 or to get her glucose data

I do this with my daughter during school. She can have access during lunch and after school but not during classes. There is a time schedule you can set up.
That’s not diabetes related for my daughter, but is just because she’s too distracted by it.


Thank you very much
That’s what I’ll do

Be well

The Phone app and the watch use up your transmitter power much faster than without using it. Use the pump to see what your BG is I find that easier than using the phone app and to answer your question is the watch app is only good if it is in contact with your phone which also needs to be close to your transmitter.