Dexcom G6 insertion device

I thought I had experienced all the possible problems with T1 equipment, but I was wrong. I just attempted to change my Dexcom G6 sensor and the insertion device doesn’t release. Has anyone had this problem?
If so what did you do? I already called Dexcom and I am on a 30 minute wait for tech support. I find this problem kind of humorous right now.

Some people have had luck with a “percussive reset procedure”. I.e, smacking the tar out of it with a wooden spoon or something similar to jar whatever got stuck loose.

I had it happen once, and there was no saving it. The needle was actually bent inside me and couldn’t retract. I had to have help getting it off, because I couldn’t figure out what was going on. Didn’t help that it was in a place heard to see on my arm.

I hope you’ve got a spare sensor!

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Yes I had a spare. Tech support agreed that the only solution was to pull it off. Dexcom will send me a replacement. I will keep the defective insertion device and send it back to Dexcom. Medicare unfortunately does not allow extras in case of a technical failure. :grimacing: However at my endo appointment last week a kind nurse gave me a sample Dexcom G6 sensor. :+1:


Have had a couple insertion device failures or “user error” (accidentally shot the sensor across the room) and Dexcom always was good to send a replacement free of charge

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Yep, this is a relatively longstanding issue with the sensors. I find their online customer service much easier to deal with:

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