Dexcom g6 no signal during warm up

I just inserted my first sensor and transmitter. I currently in my warm up period and I noticed the no signal icon has been on my pump screen for like 90% of the time. Now and then the countdown clock icon will appear. Is this a bad sign?

Do you have Tandem pump, but without CIQ or BIQ ?

Do you have menu option for history?

Or X2 can display status by tapping on right side of screen, or check details on T:connect app.

But normally the warm up clock does display for 2 hours.

Yes but only BIQ.

I can access history and it says out of range alert. But my pump is directly under the sensor.

Is the accuracy of the sensor spot on at the start? My first reading was like “ low”, wasn’t even a reading but when I measured using the meter is was 5.6mmol which is close to 100mg.

I also have a question about the sensor setup. My sensor was started using the pump and then paired on the phone . So I had to enter the code on the pump as well as on the. phone - so twice. Am I meant to enter it on both the pump and the phone?

When I watched YouTube videos on sensor setup, I get the impression the setup is only required on the phone. No setup is required on the pump. If the setup is only required on the phone, how does the pump know which sensor and transmitter is being used? I’m a bit confused.

Do you have the X2 screen facing out. The screen cannot face towards your body or it will lose signal repeatedly.

Yes pump screen is facing out

I haven’t got any more no signal after the warm up has finished. But the sensor reading is about 2 mmol out, that’s about 36 mg. Will it eventually catch up again? I was told by my DE not to calibrate.

Can someone please clarify the above for me?

My sensor is also still a bit off after almost 24 hours. Hope it recovers today.

The start session process impacts transmitter. The transmitter is either actively reading sensor, or it is waiting to be told to “start”. The tandem pump OR dexcom receiver OR dexcom app on phone can issue the signal to start.

Once one of them starts, then up to 2 devices can “receive” data from the transmitter for bg reading every 5 minutes.

Once you “pair” the Tandem pump OR “pair” a dexcom receiver, that makes one connection.

You can choose to also “pair” one phone bluetooth connection to transmitter from phone app (dexcom, xDrip).

Typically you only need to start one or other. The transmitter will transmit to both at same time.

There is no direct communication to sensor, which is the wire under your skin.
(Start sensor may cause confusion since it is telling transmitter the sensor wire is under skin and ready to get data to transmit. )

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Thanks for that. So i did do it right, I paired one with the pump using the pump menu and one with my phone using dexcom app. Does it matter which one I do first? From memory, I was told to start sensor on the pump after the pump was paired and then after I paired the phone using their step by step instructions on the app, there was another start sensor button which I was told to press to complete the setup. I wonder whether starting it on both devices caused my no signals during startup.:thinking:

All the YouTube videos on dexcom setup I watched only talks about pairing it with the phone, it doesn’t go to pair the pump which was why threw me off a bit.

I don’t think so. Its like telling your kids TWO times to come to dinner, even when you know they heard you the first time. The transmitter keeps track that “someone” told it to start.

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Lol :joy:

I have sensor troubles like this from time to time.
Usually when I remove it I see it’s bent a little and only half of it was in my skin. Somehow they still work but then crap out sooner and sometimes do that thing where they need to rethink and turn off a while.
I start my sensors w my pump. My phone takes the lead and gives the same numbers however the dexcom ap drops Bluetooth so often that I’m nearly ready to give up on it.
Here is my dex vs my tconnect. Same phone.

Android or iPhone?
I have T-Connect and xDrip on same android and have not noticed drops on either. xDrip is able to backfill, if out of range a few minutes.

I have an iPhone. X