Dexcom G6 Price Hike?

Haven’t asked CVS pharmacy yet, but my monthly refill just spiked from $49.98 to $70.

Has anyone else experienced this sudden increase recently?

Insurance, etc. all the same. Thanks, all!

Could that be an insurance company thing?
I have to buy my Dexcom supplies $299 Canadian each month, and then submit receipts to my drug benefits plan. I’ve not seen any price change here.
(Contrary to popular belief, medications aren’t covered by Canada’s Medicare, unless you’re over 65). (Interestingly, the pump is covered by the provincial health insurance as are pump supplies. Just not insulin or testing supplies!)

@MBW - What province do you live in, and is your drug benefit plan a company plan or provincial Blue Cross?

Are they covering 100% of your Dexcom expenses?

I’m in Ontario and I have an employer sponsored plan that covers pretty much everything at 100%. I am very fortunate. . . .
The pump & supplies are covered by OHIP which surprised me. Insulin is covered by my employer sponsored drug plan.
As is Eyelea! At $3,600.00 a month. (Ouch).
(Edit: I WISH Eyelea we’re only $360. I as off by an order of magnitude, corrected now.)

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This shouldn’t be happening yet, should it? I might expect a bump up in January, but not now. Maybe your seeing mid-year medical switching - that’s where they change the terms of the contract mid-policy year. That’s illegal in my State, now.

Maybe they just made a mistake? Or, maybe they filled a larger order for you on accident? Did you get twice as many supplies?

-US Diabetic

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I suggest you check your insurance claims (if you have online access) or contact insurance.
An EOB might explain it. If you owe a percent as your portion, and the base amount increased, your portion would increase.

You may have access to your insurance Pharmacy website to review claims, then compare to prior purchases. (Eg Caremark, Express Scripts). There should be a number you can call.

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Darn! I hope it’s an error.

Thanks, all!

Just got back from CVS (in the States.)

I guess they put in the Dexcom coupon for a year and, it’s November? The 1 year is up.

So, I went online, got a new coupon, but it’s not working according to CVS. So, another call to Dexcom on Monday.

I was wondering why everyone worked to extend their sensors, and, now that I’ve added the costs up, I see it now. I’ll be figuring how to do it, too. Tried it with the used test stripper once, but couldn’t get it to restart. Obviously user error—me.

On my last insulin refill, that pricing had creeped up a few dollars.

This is definitely not a cheap disease. :confused:

I’ll do that, too! Thx!

I use metal hair barrett I got from dollar store. Some use a guitar pick instead of test strip (which vary by brand).

Sooo… the “thrilling” update with insurance billing, prescriptions and the insanity of US pricing

Three plus hours in the phone speaking with 4 organizations (CVS, Dexcom, Dexcom coupon number, Cigna, Cigna’s prescription service ExpressScript) and the outcome…

Somehow… because I purchased “1” /30 day supply box in September instead of my usual 3box/90 day supply, CVS deleted/lost that prescription, so that all that was remaining was a 30 day prescription in the records.

None of it makes sense.

So— for a 1 month supply —$70.
For a 3 month supply it is — $141.

And, that 90 day prescription I had in September? Somehow, somewhere, someone’s digital dog ate it at some time before November.

It makes me miss the days of a paper script.

Moving forward, I’ll be taking screenshots of my prescriptions on the CVS app. Hopefully I’ll be able to track their records better.

I very rarely have issues with scripts, but when I do I’ll call the doctors office and they get a new script done pretty fast.

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Some of the coupons screw with your prescriptions. I ended up with a coupon instead for a Libre replacement (I use Libre and Dexcom) when I used it, it completely nixed the rest of my prescription in their system. The next coupon I got I had to get a new prescription for the one that was nixed and one separately for the new coupon because otherwise it would have nixed the new prescription again. Luckily they usually send new sensors, but I insisted on switching back to the 14 days, as the Libre2 was nothing but problems.

So I am thinking because the coupon ended that it nixed the rest of your prescription. I’m thinking that’s the way they control the coupon not being used more than it’s good for.

All good advice—

It was definitely a combination of events and changes and agencies touching things.

As someone asked—yes, I went over the 2021 EOBs with the insurance. That was Kafka-esque. sure, they’re following a script, they’re offshore, and there’s a billion drugs and devices—that’s 2hrs and 40 minutes of my life I’ll gladly forget. :smiley:

I do have a new 90day script I confirmed with my Endo’s office. They also confirmed they had only sent over 90day scripts in the past. Hence the “digital dog ate your script” quip.

I learned the hard way how much leeway pharmacies have with interpreting the script. Back in 2020, I was originally paying $23 something per insulin pen that would last 20 days because the hospital pharmacy said that’s only what they could fill according to the script. So many little micro-transactions that put unnecessary barriers up.

I am fortunate that I’ve had to navigate and advocate within the medical systems before and I’m able to take the time to do so for myself. If I’m having these issues, I feel for those who don’t have the same resources.

On a side note—I did restart my Dexcom using a used test strip.

Hah! I’ll get my extra $20 use out of this sensor, yet.