There’s only one way to say this…direct.

I’m getting a DEXCOM!!!

I’ve posted about my Guardian RT adventures over on my other
site( and quite frankly, it did not meet
expectations.(70+ points off, most of the time) Well, today the Dex rep
called me up and they’ve got all the endo paperwork. He helped me
understand that said CGS + sensors are an out-of-network benefit, its not
something they call bill directly for. (till April of next year)Medronic never told me that,
they were like “oh, you can try to submit this to your insurance but
they probably won’t cover it.” Step #2- check out of network benifits
for durable medical equipment. $400 deductible, covered at 70% after
that. NO prior autherization needed.

So, I made the decision to buy it as A. my insurance ends today +
Cobra may not kick in for another month and B. the price of Dexcom’s
are going right back up to $800 on Nov. 1. Split payments(something
else Medtronic doesn’t do).

I’ll be getting it sometime next week…trained on the 7th
although I sure hope I can get that scheduled earlier, I’m getting
married Nov.10 for pete’s sake + don’t plan to be wearing it during the
wedding(OR figuring out how to have perfect control) I know the dex
isn’t perfect, but never having another meet-and-greet the paramedics session
is just

such a lovely concept that I could just cry…man I’m tired of lows.
Which I’d better not be having anyway, as of Sat. I have no medical
insurance. (and yes, I’ve freaked out its the first time since dx that
I haven’t had it!)

That’s soo cool! I got the Dexcom 7 and the sensors today! Grads on getting Married! Yes, I got tired of the lows too… I feel for ya!


That’s great. I love the Dexcom 7, and it really works well for me most of the time. I’m wearing a sensor at present that I’ve had on for 10 days. I’m averaging about 10-11 days for each sensor.

And congratulations on the wedding. I hope it’s a peaceful and relaxing day (these are always stressful to some extent).