Dexcom music alerts G6 app

Hi Everyone,

On another post about dexcom G6 I believe someone mentioned that you can set your alerts to sound as different music / sounds etc. and I know that you can select in the G6 receiver to only have vibration alerts for all but the 55 low etc.

I am setting up the G6 app on my phone and I don’t see any way to do that. I have looked online for videos and explanations and there are none.

I was easily able to set up the vibrate only alerts on my G6 receiver but I can’t see anything like that on the phone app.

Can someone please provide me with clear concise details explaining how to do this? Thanks!

Unfortunately, nobody will be able to give you a clear, concise answer if you’re only looking at Dexcom software.

I think I’m one of the ones that talks most often about setting custom sounds. It’s one of my favorite features of the app I use, because I can act without actually having to locate/reference a CGM display. Unfortunately, it’s not a feature of the Dexcom app or receiver. You have to use a third party app

If you’re on Android, Xdrip+ is the go-to app that enables all the customization you could ever want, and my personal favorite. It needs side-loaded, though, as it doesn’t abide by Google playstore’s TOD. It’s not available in the same format for IOS, though.

What’s available for IOS seems to always be changing, depending on what’s developers address currently still working and who’s still got Apple permissions to appear in the App Store. Try checking for Xdrip, Spike, or SugarMate. SugarMate is an add-on, not a stand-alone app. I’m not very familiar with it, but you can turn off notifications on the Dexcom app and instead have SugarMate text you notifications with any ringtone you desire.

Happy Bob is another fun option. I don’t remember if you can set any alert sound you want, though.

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