Dexcom G6-banners instead of vibration alerts?

Hey folks, this is a long shot, but has anyone figured out a way to make G6 alerts light up your phone/leave a banner, WITHOUT vibrating or making audible noise? I use the iPhone app with Omnipod 5.

In practical terms, I have mine set to “vibrate only” when my BG gets to 140 or above. But at night the vibrations wake me up repeatedly. I’d like to just have banner notices if that were even possible. If there’s a way to do it and anyone else has figured it out, please share.

Automated mode will eventually get me back down below 140, but it’s not uncommon for it to be over that number for over an hour at a time at night.

(And yes I know I could turn off this notice altogether at night and turn it back on in the morning, just was hoping to avoid having to do that. It wouldn’t hurt my feelers at all if I could only have the banner during the day as well).

Thanks in advance!

For apps without vibration (haptics) options like the Dexcom G6 app vibration is tied to sound. So if the app plays an alert or notification sound the phone will also vibrate. If silent mode is on it will only vibrate.

Settings | Notifications | Dexcom G6 | Sounds set to off
This will silence and remove vibration from the dexcom app all the time except for the unmuteble alerts.

Settings | Sounds & Haptics | Haptics | Don’t Play in Silent Mode
Might work if you put your phone on silent before going to bed. Won’t work if you rely on vibrations and silent mode during the day.

Focus gives you the same options in addition to many more and those options can apply to specific apps. They can be scheduled or manually enabled from Control Center. The Dexcom app alert schedule is way easier to set up but if you are already using it for something else Focus is an option.

Edit: added the notification sound option

You can set you nighttime alerts higher so they don’t bug you unnecessarily.

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