Dexcom needle into muscle (OUCH)

I am very very lean and sometimes the Dexcom needle goes into muscle and I have to remove it after like 6 hours as it hurts too much. Does anyone else have this problem? I pinch the skin but that still doesn’t seem to help. Any ideas?

Where is your site? I use my tummy and never had any muscle problem, even with my pump.

I had a problem with insertion in the tummy the last time. It really hurt in the beginning and less and less as time goes by. Most of the time I don’t feel a thing. Could it be that you were too close to a nerve? I found out that was more of the problem when my pump sites bothered me…

'm really lean too and I had so many problems with the Dexcom giving wrong readings, not working, bleeding when I inserted the needle so for me it was way more of a hassle than to just check my blood sugars. I’m not using it anymore.
I wish it worked for me but at least I tried it.

I use my tummy which isn’t very muscular. I just started with the dex and so far no issues.

You might consider the lateral aspect of your buttock. This tends to have a little nore subcutaneous fat tissue, even in lean people. It can be a lttle challenging to insert (you might need some assistance, but it certainly can be done solo). This might help address some of the pain issues.

Yeah maybe I am too close to a nerve/muscle. I use it about 3 inches from my belly button but on the same height as my belly button

Where is the lateral aspect? Have you ever done this? Does it work?

I find some places are much more sensitive than others. My site today is 3" to the right of my belly button - I forget it’s there. I found out last week that 3" to the left of my belly button is NOT where I should put it. It’s all trial and error. I’ve worn a pump for 13 years now and there are just certain areas I avoid. Best of luck!

Happened to me every time. I stopped using my abdomen and went to the back of the arm, but even then it can be uncomfortable. Not as bad as the abdomen, though. Now after a few days the sensor settles in and doesn’t give me a dull ache, but when I remove the sensor from the back of my arm it is usually bent at a 90-degree angle from being up against the muscle.

I have no other tricks or solutions other than the suggestion someone gave me - gain weight.

I hope Dexcom comes out with a smaller sensor. That’s the best idea.

Yeah thanks. They say its not recommended for areas other than the stomach so I’ve never tried. Every now and again I get a sensor that doesn’t hurt me at all.

Any chance there is some “padding” on your side (where people like me have “love handles”)?

I have trouble in my lean areas too (arms, some areas of rear-end). Hurts and is not very accurate. When I remove the sensor the wire is usually all bent up and at weird angles.

My stomach is not lean at all, but my sensors there keep getting ripped out when I play basketball. I’m trying a couple different things with tape and stuff, but it’s too early to tell if it will work yet.

The lateral aspect is the side. You would not want to put it into the center, becaue then you would be sitting on ithe sensor all the time, and that would be quite uncomfortable. I have done it on occasion, and it worked for me. However, it is not compliant with the approved labeling which is for the abdomen only. I suggest that you try it one time and see if it works for you.

I change where the sensor goes depending on my plans for the week… For example, when at an amusement park, I make sure my pump and sensor sites are away from my waist by quite a bit. Bars on roller coasters and pump sites are not a good combination. If I’m on a long car trip, I avoid putting either where the seat belt will ride… Just one more thought to add to the “where next” equation.

Find the spaces between your “six-packs” and put the sensor between the muscle “bellies” in your belly. Feel for the spaces at the side also.

I have been putting my sensor up about 3 inches, and just outside of my ribcage and it’s been working great. I originaly had it just to the right of my belly button and my dog half ripped it out by jumping on my. It hurt alot and where its at now is out of the way and is accurate.