Pain on side of sensor?

Does anyone else get muscle pain on side of where you put the sensor? I feel like I am getting shooting/deep muscle pains close to the sensor- I put it on lower back/upper butt area and the pain is on side of sensor (glutes/upper legs- quads). I am pretty muscular and have low body fat, so that could be part of it? (injecting the sensor into muscle?) Any similar reactions?

I have not heard of anyone having that problem. Did you talk with a Dex representative? kj

I had this when I would get close to my ab muscles. It almost felt like a muscle bruise where the insertion needle was. It would go away after a day or so.

I absolutely do! I also wondered whether it had to do with being fairly muscular with low body fat, and your post makes me think there might be something to that. I always put it on my abdomen just below the rib cage and have experienced shooting pain right around the site. Dexcom suggested inserting it at a lower angle (push down on the back side of it while inserting), but I haven’t tried that yet.

I agree, muscles and low body fat can cause that. I always try to put the sensor where there’s enough fat that I can pinch it up when I insert the sensor.

Thank you guys so much- I will try to do a more shallow angel and pinch the body fat first. Appreciate the advice!