Dexcom, NickJonas Super Bowl

On Sunday Nick Jonas is going to be in a Dexcom Commercial during the Super Bowl. I was included in the communications because there was a communication between my company and dexcom around some engineering issue and so there u go. I haven’t seen it but I like seeing real people with real diabetic merch
Oh yea and it’s the G7 which is being officially released on FEB17 in the US

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Although at least as of today Feb. 11, 2023 Tandem’s T-Slim X2 pump isn’t ready quite yet – or hasn’t yet received FDA approval – to work w G7.

Woo wee and did you see what Dexcom stock did yesterday? Up 10%!
If there’s a company that is getting my hard earned money, I buy stock in them. Which is why I have shares in Apple, Scotiabank, Toyota, Shell, and Dexcom.

I figure it hurts a bit less if I profit from my own misery :grinning:

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There is a small moment to place this or two other ads in or social medial feeds before, during or after the G7 ad runs. The rub seems to be that FDA will not allow us to turn off low alarms.

You can read more about the effort. I have to admit I do not know enough the contention to take a direct side. It seems it might be more related to DIY looping, but again I do not know for certain.

I wanted to comment on the data privacy issue, but I don’t want to completely hijack this Superbowl ad topic. So I created a new topic Dexcom & Data Privacy.

Regarding the Superbowl ad, I am glad Dexcom is advertising so much. They have a great product, but Abbott and Medtronic are nipping at their heels. So good for them for advertising.

If you look at my data privacy post, I take issue with that one part of Dexcom. But I love my G6.

Your correct, RPhil, that the #WeAreNotWaiting is the tag for Nightscout (which is a freeware diabetes org…one of the early ones).

Here’s the link: Dexcom G7 - Feels Like Magic | Official Big Game 2023 Commercial - YouTube