Dexcom Nighttime Monitor (non-self)

No longer. Dexcom just (this morning) put a bullet through the old Follow App.

How are other people monitoring overnight Dexcom cgm data when it is a different person (ie - not one’s self) wearing the Dex?

Could you explain in more detail? Did Dexcom delete the app from the app store? Did they eliminate the Follow app’s access to the cloud servers?

I don’t use the Follow app so I’m not up to date on its issues.

xdrip for the win. I follow my wife’s glucose levels and she follows mine. 2 copies of xdrip on each phone and we are golden. I have found only 1 cloner app out of 5 or 6 that allow multiple copies of an app on android, that actually works properly with xdrip. and it isn’t in the play store. The free version is all that is needed. it is by AppListo.

Is it related to this ?


Exactly. Dex killed off the old version of the app this morning.

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Get a new phone. Kind of a cr*ppy option…

I think the answer is xDrip as @Dave44 suggested.

I am an Apple person but am at a point that all of my devices are old and soon won’t be able to do iOS updates.

I think more and more we are going to have problems with pumps, CGM’s, phones, etc. being compatible. Seniors on Medicare are already seeing it because if you buy a Tandem x2 now, it only works with G6 and Medicare people only have access to G5.

Certainly it is horrible for parents of T1’s to lose access to the follow app.