Dexcom not available to children?

I was told by my endo and by the Dexcom site that Dexcoms are only for those over 18. I know some of your kids wear them. What’s going on?

Besim is 5 and uses a Dexcom there are also a few other UK children who use them all under 18… I think it may be that they are not tested on under 18’s so on their web site they state over 18… I think anyway!!

I believe they are not FDA approved in the US. But a doctor can still prescribe them. My son, now 5, has used one since age 2. Dexcom is happy to provide them to anyone, but might have to say that online.

I live in Florida and I have seen young kids with it on too. Insist and ask why not? If it’s going to benefit your child then why not? Endo’s are not the most keen people in the medical field.

There is research that includes kids as well if you need it to prove your point. My son started wearing his in May and he’s 10, but I did have to fight with the insurance because they claimed that kids didn’t need them. My endo was on my side however, so that helped.

My son got his in May of this year he was 8 at the time. I think the others are right they haven’t been tested on younger than 18 and the FDA has not approved them for children. You may get denied the first time you apply with insurance, we did, but our endo was behind us and she took care of the rest. I think the dexcom is great well worth the hassle to get.

Do you see a pedi endo for your daughter or an adult endo? Endo can prescribe off label. Only Minimed (coincidentally, far, far the more painful of the two cgms) has true FDA approval for children over 7. Children under 7 are prescribed off label. Basically, if you have a pedi-endo that will document that your child needs this device and it is a matter of medical necessity, and even if your regular pediatrician will write you a prescription for Dex you can get it. The problem is since you probably want insurance to cover,you need the pedi endo, letter of medical necessity, reasons (main ones lack of hypoglycemic awareness, or numerous low blood sugars 50 and below). You may have to go through the process of being denied and fight during an appeal, but in the end, I think you can get one.