Dexcom Seven plus Sensors

Hi, Hope you can help. Live in UK and begun using Dexcom CGM last week. I wasted 2 sensors changing for first time and had few questions:

1. One sensor was wasted when inserted into blood bessel, painfil and bled a lot, (as well as losing £60 for cost of sensor) anyway way to avoid?

2. First sensor lasted only few days, then through reg shower use started peeling and ultimately failed. Any ideas to keep down.

3. Cost - In UK paying £60 (approx $120) a go where as gather in U.S understand pay a lot less. Can anyone confirm this as may need to order from States in future.

Any help gratefully received.


  1. No, not really… bleeding isn’t a problem (some people actually suggest bloody sensors are more accurate) but I’m not sure what to tell you about the pain other than perhaps it was inserted at too deep of an angle? I’ve had my share of bloody sensors (including a few that bled through the tape) but never a painful one. Sometimes they get a bit itchy but I’ve always attributed that to the tape.

  2. Overtape it with something. I like Opsite Flexifix tape, but there are a LOT of options out there. You might also try adhesives, like Skin-Tac or Mastisol to keep the sensor tape stuck down.

  3. Our cost in the states is $275 for a box of 4 sensors, however this is the current “discount” rate - full retail is $399.

I used to insert so it would inject the sensor wire into a fat pad. I got excellent readings. There is usually a bit of fat in the abdomen away from the midline. At least two inches from the umbilicus. I went from one side of the abdomen to the other and changed the trajectory to the right or left to change the site so I was never exactly on one I had used a couple weeks before…
I had a shower cover I cut out of a glove, bigger than the sensor’s tape circle. I had sport tape to hold the glove piece on top of the sensor during a shower. It always lasted, even during warm showers. Things like this never last for me, so that’s why I always put on the shower cover - had it, scissors, and tape with me at the sports club.
My cost was $153 for set of 4 - this is last year when I wore it all year. Well worth it. I was in Illinois & shipping was included in that cost.

Hi Leo, Thanks for info, really useful advice, do you know supplier in states doing them for $153 as currently paying equiv to $480.00 for pack of 4. Many Thanks, Chris

Hi Sarah, Thanks for getting back. Have just ordered Opsite flexifix you recommended so hopefully that should make diff, Many Thanks, Chris

Suzanne has a youtube video on how she uses it to tape… sometimes I cut strips and sometimes I punch a hole in mine (I have a 1" punch that works on the tape)… it just depends on where I am when I need to tape it and how much tape I need to use.

Hi Chris, I live in Hungary and was thinking of ordering a Dexcom from the USA (not available in Hungary). I needed a prescription from a US doctor, which I wasn’t able to get. So I didn’t order. Only the MM CGMS is available here.